Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Canada Day, eh!

I love Canada Day. It's a day off and it's about Canada - what's not to love?

If you have time on a really hot day like today - we're up near 100˚F in the Fraser Valley and it feels like hell has come to visit - why not make some ice cream? Check out the process here on Science Sushi. My fellow lactards need not feel left out! Check out the selection of lactose free milks, creams, and whipping creams at your local mega mart! That's how I get to have lovely things like this strawberry ice cream Raymond made me with local strawberries!

If you really want to feel Canadian today, make some poutine (fries with gravy and cheese curds), pour a glass of pink cream soda, finish it off with a Coffee Crisp (chocolate bar) or a deep friend Nanaimo Bar (dessert, the deep fried part is from a place in Nanaimo called Pirate Chips). Turn on some Rush or watch Kids in the Hall! Get out into the street with your hockey stuff and play until a car comes! ( on!) And be really polite until you get a chance to shoulder check someone!

Visit Mental Floss to see their celebration of all things Canadian!
What exactly is Canada Day? (It's awesome, that's what!)
19 things invented in Canada! (My favourite? Insulin! Thanks, Banting!)
20 Canadian nobel laureates (Woo! Electron transfer!)
17 Canadian world heritage sites (I would kill to go to Nova Scotia!)

Happy Canada Day!


Lucy Townsend said...

Happy Canada Day!
I hope you don't mind a couple of questions...
I'm researching natural wax candles with essential oils and "natural" solvent (e.g. denatured alcohol) or oil based reed diffusers..
wondered if you had any experience of making/ using either of these..What % of essential oil should I start with to get a decent smell, and how do you make a reed diffuser with alcohol without it being a fire risk..could you add water?
Any help would be welcome!
many thanks as always

Leslie said...

Happy Canadian Day Susan! Gotta love poutine (or as I like to call it "heart attack on a plate", yummy, yummy..