Saturday, June 15, 2013

Jamming! Jamming!

We didn't get to jam today as it was too wet to get strawberries today, but we hope to make some of our legendarily awesome strawberry with balsamic vinegar jam by the end of the month!

Want to see our past adventures in jamming, canning, and ice cream making?

Jamming 2012: Strawberries!
2011: What I did on my summer holidays!
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Find out what's local and in season and try pickling, jamming, or canning at home. If you aren't comfortable canning, try making freezer versions of the treats you like.

If you want to shop local, the best place to start is at a farm or a farmers' market. Around here, strawberries are the first signs of the summer season, followed by cherries, blueberries, raspberries, peaches, cucumbers, before we get into the autumn months with pears and apples. Our last craft group of the summer in August is all about making Koolickles, fridge pickles, salsa, and jam before we have a giant picnic and taste test what they've made. It's fantastic!

Check out this site - Food in Jars! It's one of our favourites! And check out Sherry Vinton's Put 'Em Up: Fruit, which is our favourite book. She has a new one out, Put 'Em Up Fruit, but we haven't bought it yet! We must get around to doing that this weekend!

1 comment:

Ruth said...

your jam looks good...
i have been making Apricot Jam..
and putting up Apricots for cobblers too..
It is rewarding when the long day is done..
to have all those jars setting there..

i have to get my strawberry , and raspberry jam made right away too...i am almost out of both..
I am wanting to try your Balsamic strawberry recipe this year, i would never of thought of using balsamic or pepper..

Love your Blog...