Thursday, June 27, 2013

I've written up a new SnapGuide - making soy wax tarts!

Can you tell I'm off work for the week? I've created a new SnapGuide visual tutorial on making soy candle wax tarts! I starting making these when my massage therapist mentioned how much she loved the idea but hated the fragrance choices, and I was so happy to see Voyageur Soap & Candle had the plastic containers for them! I know I don't write about candle making often - if ever? - but I do love soy wax, and can't wait to pair these with other bath and body things for Christmas, birthday, and random gifting!

Let me know what you think!

A few notes...

You would use this with an oil and tart burner, as you might find here. Some people plug them in, others use one with a candle at the bottom. Either way, the goal is to have it melt slowly to release a wonderful fragrance.

And check out these great tutorials if you want to take your wax tart making to a higher level!

You can always rely upon Anne-Marie from the Soap Queen blog to make something lovely. It appears her tarts are larger and beautifully coloured! Click here for the tutorial!

And check out this tutorial from Rustic Escentuals using little plastic cups for the molds. What a great idea!


Miri Pardo said...

Hi Susan!
I'm allergic to soy, can I use any different kind of wax?



p said...

Excellent guide! How do you use these tarts?

p said...

Ah, got it! I didn't know tart burners exist!

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi p! I've updated the post with the pictures of the wax melting things.

Hi Miri. I don't know. Try it with paraffin pillar wax and see if it works for you.

Victoria Stewart said...

Hi Susan,
I was making soy wax melts in the kitchen today and was wondering if you knew the answer to my pondering....

How come when we add fragrance oil to soy wax we can add it at say 80'C at it's flash point (or just below its flash point) and it doesn't burn off...

However when we add fragrance over 45'C in a lotion it will burn off....

Whats the chemistry/science reaction happening here?

I'm just curious... not rhyme or reason or even a need to know I guess

Vee x