Saturday, June 8, 2013

Check out my new visual SnapGuide on making solid perfumes!

I don't really talk about fragrances much, but I do like solid perfumes! I can't wear them much because we have no scent policy at work, but it's nice to catch a whiff of white chocolate or blueberry on my wrists or neck in the summer. I've created a new SnapGuide on how to make your own, which you can find here...

The recipe is...
30 grams beeswax
30 grams butter of choice 
37 grams oil 
3 grams fragrance or essential oils*

Before using any essential oils, check the safe usage rates. 3% is a lot, and I really recommend you use fragrance oils if you're new to bath and body stuff!

Heat all but the fragrance oils until the mixture has turned to liquid. Add the fragrance oils, then pour into your containers of choice. Let set until completely cooled. I like to put mine in the fridge or freezer until set. Label and rejoice! 

What combinations of fragrances do you like? Share a recipe for your favourite - for instance, in parts, ml, or grams as in 1 part citrus to 2 parts white chocolate - and I'll draw three names to win an e-book on June 22! And to everyone who makes a suggestion, I'll update the guide and the blog with your combinations so everyone can enjoy your smells! (Yep, I know what I just said!) 

The kids in my group had a thought about putting solid perfume in a locket or ring. What a great idea! If you try this, send me pictures


Andrea said...

Hello Susan,

I took a quick look at your Snapguide and it reminded me that I've been meaning to ask you about the set up of a double boiler. I've seen someone create a double boiler by adding water to a frying pan and setting a Pyrex measuring bowl on top of it. It struck me that this set up defeated the whole purpose of the double boiler since the Pyrex was in direct contact with the bottom of the frying pan. Am I wrong in my thinking? Thanks. -Andrea

Rosie said...

one of my fave combos was 2 parts rose otto (got it as a present and at the time I didn't know the price) and 1 part citrus (I use lemon)

-Anna Rose I.

IrishMolly said...

Lmao, HODOR! I keep flashing to Game of Thrones Hodor :) love the name - amazing job on the picture guide. Thanks for the tip about NOT using perfume, I would have totally tried that. Can't wait to make it this afternoon, rainy days were made for formulating.

Jane said...

My favourite combo is "Spice Cookie" -- 3 parts vanilla, 1 part cinnamon, 1 part benzoin (I use essential oils and so only use about 1.5% of the recipe -- the cinnamon might get a bit too tingly at more than that). I like to use a mix of mango butter and unrefined cocoa butter, so there is just a hint of chocolaty goodness in there too. I guess not everyone would want to smell like a bakeshop, but I'm a cookie freak!

Pipestone Soaps said...

Lovin your Snapguides!

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Thanks for the kind words! Keep those fragrance ideas coming! Spice cookie? I love cookie fragrances - I have to try this one! Rose otto and citrus? Sounds lovely!

And I am slightly obsessed with Hodor, I admit. We shout it at my groups - I yell Hodor, and the kids responde! - I've turned it into a verb, as in to Hodor or Hodor about, which means to wander aimlessly or not have a purpose. I thought it would make a great fragrance name!

Andrea - great question. I'm writing about it in today's Weekend Wonderings! The short answer is ideally we'd keep the containers off the bottom of the container.

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Jane and Rosie! I love your combinations! Write to me at to claim your e-books! And I'll update the SnapGuide with your suggestions later tonight!

Marina said...

Susan, thank you for this wonderful recipe. I collect various perfume oils (meant to be applied directly to the skin), but I don't like the fact that they make my clothes greasy, they are hard to apply without a roll on, and some of them are very, very strong smelling. So, I decided to convert them into solid perfume in a twist-up applicator container. Here is what I tried:

30% Beeswax
30% Organic deodorized shea butter
39% Meadowfoam Oil
1% "Lauren by Ralph Lauren" Perfume Oil by the Fragrance Shoppe

I also tried:

30% Beeswax
30% Mango Seed Butter
39% Meadowfoam Oil
1% "Original Guess by Guess" Perfume Oil by the Fragrance Shoppe

Both of these turned out wonderfully! I love that there is ZERO greasy residue on my skin, so I can apply this on my wrists or use it as a deodorant under my arms. The high beeswax percentage means it will not get too soft in the summer and there is no gritty feel, like you sometimes get with softer lotion bars or lip balms. I plan on making more of these for sure! Thank you, Susan!!