Thursday, June 20, 2013

A few thoughts for June 20th, including those about making summer products, learning more about sunscreens, not making sunscreens, considering allergens, regulating the cosmetics industry, and pictures of chemical bonds!

The summer solstice will be upon us around 8:04 pm PST tonight - 1:04 am UTC - so I thought it apt to share some of my summer thoughts on this fine Thursday morning! (Want to know more about this year's summer solstice? Click here for a great guide from EarthSky!)

Please please please do not make your own sunscreen. There are two very good reasons - they are much harder to make than you can possibly imagine (I have an entire textbook on the topic) and you have no way of knowing that it works, which could lead to injuring people you love. There are no reasons you can give me that justify making a sunscreen. None.

Raymond has vitiligo, which means he has large sections of his skin that have no pigment. (It's what they said Michael Jackson had.) We use a lot of sunscreen over the summer, despite the fact that we stay out of the sun as much as possible, and that isn't cheap. I have access to every ingredient I'd need to make a sunscreen, but I wouldn't consider making one because I have no way of knowing the product worked without putting his health in jeopardy.

Every time I write this post, someone comments that they have a good reason for making a sunscreen. (Click here for that post!) You cannot give me a good reason for making sunscreen I haven't heard before. If you are looking for a blessing to make a sunscreen, you won't find it here because it is a dangerous endeavour that can leave people you love burned, hurting, and sad. If you choose to do this, please don't tell me about it.

Sunscreen information post: What does SPF mean? and What exactly is sunscreen?

Think about how you could adapt your products for the summer months! It's great fun to see how you could make it more moisturizing, less occlusive, more hygroscopic, less heavy, and so on! I love making a cooling spray with various hydrosols and peppermint essential oil (use this recipe and use something other than Hydrovance if you don't have it)

Summer product post: Products that might be great for summer fun and adapting your products for summer.

When did we start using "that" instead of "who" for people? I really hate hearing "the boy that had..." or "the woman that was..." It's WHO! "That" is for objects, not people. Or perhaps it's a sign that we are seeing other people as objects?

A few thoughts on allergens...Just because something might be an allergen, it doesn't mean you can't use it! You don't need to avoid milk or peanuts because I'm lactose intolerant or my neighbour has a peanut allergy. The potential to be an allergen means nothing to someone who isn't allergic to it. Same with potentially irritating ingredients. I have really sensitive facial skin and just about everything makes me break out, but this doesn't mean you must avoid shea butter because my skin hates it! Just about every ingredient we use has the potential to be an allergen or an irritant, so if we avoided everything with that possible designation, we'd be able to use water and...I think that's it!

I still hate the use of the word "grow" in the active sense. You cannot grow your business. You can nurture it, help it along, encourage it...but you cannot make it grow. Growing is a passive idea, and you can't force it along.

Where did we get this idea that the cosmetic industry is unregulated? At least once a week, I see someone commenting that companies can put what they want in cosmetic products because they're unregulated. A simple Google search will show you the regulatory agencies your country of choice for cosmetics. In America, it falls under the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and is regulated by the FDA. In Canada, it falls under the purview of Health Canada. It isn't hard to find out which agency regulates it in your part of the world...why does this myth persist?

We are not using the word "learnings" any time soon! I was at a meeting with some managerial types at work, and they wanted to talk about what we had learned from the experience. "What are the learnings?" a few of them asked repeatedly. Learnings? Learnings? No. This not becoming a word. We are not using "learnings" to mean "what things did we learn?" No. I will not permit this.

I think I just hate management speak. We use far too much business jargon in our every day lives. Dante wrote there was a special ring of hell for people who use language to obscure rather than illuminate. Is it full yet?

And, finally, check out these first ever photographs of chemical bonds forming! Freakin' amazing!


Veronique said...

About the allergy thing, i'm deathly allergic to avocados, but I still use avocado oil in a lot of my creations, i'm so happy I am not reacting to it!!

Lise M Andersen said...

Guilty: but only because of extreme forgetfulness. I catch myself using the phrase 'people that' instead of 'people who' both in writing and in speech. I'm working on it Susan! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan
Bizarre isn't it? Maybe people think "that" lacks gender associations, but really it reveals poor teaching/memory.

My pet hate is hearing people deride something (homemade soap) as "full of chemicals". Offical regulations insist on INCI names which the general public don't understand, so it takes double the explaining.

On the positive side of things....Pollyanna here....I have some "homemade" beeswax!! It smells lovely. I will trawl your archives and brew something wonderful (I hope...)

with thanks for a great blog


Anonymous said...

I have never had a desire to make my own sunscreen. You are right, that you would have to put someone's health in possible danger to know if it worked or not. It isn't like moisturizing dry skin. It isn't worth the danger involved. Love your posts.


Kirsten Warner said...

You make me laugh, yes, yes and yes to above.