Friday, May 24, 2013

Wow! Emulsification's awesome!

If you've never made a lotion or just want to see the WOW! moment again, check out this little video I made on the moment of emulsification. I never get tired of seeing that!

Should you add the water to the oil or the oil to the water? Click here for that answer! 

If you'd like to see the visual tutorial I've written on lotions, click here for that SnapGuide.


Michele Clarke said...

After Mom's fusion a nurse was visiting a few days a week. I was making lotion on one visit and made her watch the Emulsification!

Mychelle said...

I love that moment. Magic, every time.

Hissy Fit said...

Magic, Absolutely, Mychelle.

About oil into the water versus water into the oil, here's what I do and why:

For batches of any size (600g or more), I add the water to the oil phase.

The oil phase stays at a higher temperature longer than the water phase. Because I have numerous lotions in progress at the same time, and have limited heating and holding space, I use the double boiler space for just the oil phases of separate lotions. I keep previously heated and held distilled water in glass, sealed jars on standby for use as needed.
When the oil phase has reached holding time, I just microwave the water and pour the oil phase (just off of the stove) into the steel mixing bowl. By the time the water is completely reheated, the oil has cooled to the same temperature as the water (160-170 F). I stick blend for 3 minutes, then put the mixing bowl on the mixer.

For smaller batches, when one of the heating containers is also the mixing container, I, too, add the oil phase to the water phase. I do, however, suffer physical pain at seeing fabulous oil phase ingredients languishing and being left behind in the oil container. Perhaps someone knows of a support group for this...

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan

Stupid question - I see on your video that you add the water to the oil phase without blending at the same time. You start blending after emuslsification has ocurred. I have always blended while pouring the two together. Does it make any difference?

Thank you

Kirstin said...

Hi Susan

I love your blog! been following it for quite some time now, but have not posted anything...I'm not very good at things like that, but trying to get better :)

I wanted to find out if you've ever used Beautyderm HP as an emulsifier? I currently use Olivem 1000 and really like it, but looking at something that is similar but not as costly.


Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Michelle and Mychelle! I love emulsification!

Hi Hissy Fit! You can do either way - check out my posts on phase inversion - but I find the oil into water works for me as the water container tends to be bigger than the oil container. Thanks for sharing your methods!

Hi Katrien! I generally mix when I'm adding the two, but I couldn't do that while filming and I really wanted the moment to be captured on film! As well, if I'd been blending, you wouldn't have seen the awesomeness! Having said that, I don't think it makes a huge difference.

Hi Kirstin! Can you send along the INCI name for this emulsifier and/or a link for it?

Michele Clarke said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi, Susan :) I love your blog! I am really sad right now, though, because none of my lotions work. I have only made a lotion successfully a few times, and the rest are utter failures. It looks almost emulsified, but then it turns out to be the consistency of applesauce! I use BTMS-25. I heat and held, so I don't know what could have happened. Also, another question...I made a shampoo with 10% Cocamidopropyl betaine, 10% ACI, and 10% polyglucose/lactylate blend. I thought this would be great for dry hair, but for some reason, it was stripping. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!!

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Anonymous! Please please please don't leave your name off your post! As of Sunday, June 16th, I must show no mercy and will not answer and will delete anything without a name!

I have tried to answer your questions in Sunday, June 16th's Weekend Wonderings. The short answer is that you have a lotion fail going on and your shampoo needs some tweaks.