Saturday, May 4, 2013

Weekend Wonderings: Colouring products and filling containers!

Let's take a look at some of the comments I've seen around the blog this week! Do you have a question? Check out the Weekend Wonderings post and comment! Or comment on other posts on the blog. I just check that one first, usually!

In this post on Mother's Day prezzies, there were two comments...

Aljonor asks: Hi Susan. When you said to add a hint of color to the salt. Did you mean food coloring?

You can use food colouring, or any other body safe water soluble colouring. Some people use icing colours - the gel colours can be so vibrant - while others use food colouring from the grocery store. I like to use LabColours. (You can find these at our suppliers like Voyageur Soap & Candle and Brambleberry, to name a few of my favourites...) I use them because I make a lot of products and they work with anything water soluble, including surfactant-y things, melt & pour soap, and lotions (although I HATE coloured lotions!).

And Felyn asked: How do you go about filling up a tube with lotion? Do you still use piping bag?

I'm not completely sure what you mean by a tube, but yes. I find piping bags are awesome! If it's a small tube, consider using a big syringe (I like 60 ml ones) you could get at a nursing supply or feed store and sucking up the lotion that way. Some people find using a zip top bag with a corner cut off works as well - I hate that method, and find I make a huge mess every time I try. I pay something like 10 cents for a piping bag, and that's worth the cost for me!

Sorry for the short post today, but I have to do some research on some of the comments I want to write about tomorrow. In the meantime, I really encourage you to check out this post on preservatives as a reminder for why we use them, and check out this section on men's products to get making for next month's Father's Day celebrations!


Anonymous said...

I tried the ziplock bag method for filling lotion bottles and it was a disaster. Total mess! To be honest I have not tried the piping bag method for filling bottles. Mostly because I have tried them for baking. I can bake some pretty awesome tasting deserts but I suck at making them look pretty so I was apprehensive about trying to use piping bags. I bought different size Chef and Baker restaurant quality squeeze bottles and they seem to work great for me. They clean up great and are dishwasher safe. I also bought the Tovolo cupcake pen for thicker creams/lotions. It also works great and is dishwasher safe. It holds 24 oz. and love that both the bottom and top screw on and off for really easy cleaning. Purchased all on Amazon.


Felyn said...


I meant tubes like this kind-->

they are very hard to fill.. will piping bag works for this?

Anonymous said...

Hi Felyn
I haven't used piping bags but I have filled Malibu tubes with squeeze bottles and the cupcake pan depending on how think the lotion was and it worked out fine. Lotioncrafter sells a 60cc filling syringe that would work. It's pretty cheap I think just under $2.

Anonymous said...

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