Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Newbie Tuesday: What did you think about your whipped butters?

I hope you've had a chance to make your whipped butter by now, and are ready to share your thoughts on it! What recipe did you make? What did you love? What didn't you love? What will you change next time? Please share your complete recipe (percentages or weight, not volume) in the comments!

I coloured the whipped butter with oil soluble powdered chocolate colourings I bought at my local chocolate making/cake decorating shop. Yes, your skin will be slightly pink tinged, so I don't recommend it. It thought it would look nice, but it wasn't, so I turned it into a whipped scrubby butter and used it as a rinse off product. I really don't recommend colouring your whipped butter! 

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As a quick note, I mentioned I would be giving away e-books to those who commented on the posts. Thanks for sharing! At random, I chose these people to get e-books - please write to me at sjbarclay@telus.net and let me know which one you want! Lucy Townsend, Minnie, Alexis, Andrea, Carol, and Michele Clarke. I'm offering e-books for the last post (this one), this post, and the rest of the Newbie Tuesday posts for the rest of this series. Share your thoughts! 


Katherine Chiu said...

I'm not a fan of greasy-feeling butters even though I have incredibly dry skin. I thought I would try as many of your suggestions as possible to decrease that greasy feeling. What the heck--go for it, right?

Isopropyl myristate 10%
Dimethicone 5%
Cyclomethicone 5%
Cocoa butter 10%
Shea butter 37.4%
Natural Soy Body Butter 10%
(Distilled water, sunflower oil, soya oil, vegetable glycerin, stearic acid, cetyl alcohol, emulsifying wax, palmitic acid, tocopherol, potassium sorbate, meadowfoam oil, jojoba oil, soya milk, aloe vera, vitamin C, citric acid, Germall Plus)
Meadowfoam oil 10%
Wheat Germ oil 10%
Evening primrose extract 2%
Tocopherol .5%
Rosemary oleoresin .1%

It still ended up feeling greasy, but it is a lovely deep-yellow color and leaves my legs and feet feeling as smooth as glass.

Diane said...

wow, now that's a well-thought-out recipe!
I went more basic, with the 80% mango butter and 20% rosehip seed. It's luscious, but all (3 so far) my whipped butters harden some after a day or so. I'm thinking it might be the weather; my next excursion will be 75/25 and a 70/30 mix - have to use this stuff up first.

Anonymous said...

I finally got a kitchen aid mixer. I'll have to try something shea, because I don't have any other butters except cocoa and a smidge of mango. I do have lots of oils. I'll have to think about and see what I should make. And by hydrogenated vegetable oil, do you mean Crisco? lol

Mommysoaper said...

I haven't gotten a chance to make my whipped butter yet, but I'm hoping to this week. Sometimes life just gets in the way of making the fun stuff! I only have a few butters to choose from (shea, cocoa, and mango) but I have a larger selection of oils so I can't wait to experiment! Thanks for this wonderful series!

Anonymous said...

OK, my intended recipe:

70% shea butter
17% rice bran oil
9% fractionated coconut oil
2% IPM
1% fragrance oil.

I think I was pretty close to all that until I got to the IPM and 7 grams glopped out instead of the intended 4 (for a 200 gram batch)so I omitted the vit E.

I melted he contents and then poured them into my kitchen aid mixing bowl where they are currenty freezing.

So the question is, how toyou measure these ingredients? In separate bowls/beakers? Or do you measure them directly in the same bowl like I did, hitting the tare key?


Leman Aydemir said...

I made it with the recipe below but it's not whipped it's turned out quite hard! I whipped a lot with a hand mixer. Any ideas what I did wrong? Can I melt and redo?

80% unrefined shea butter
18% hemp oil
1% Vit E
1% EOs

Carol Holmes said...

Hi Susan, I used 40% Mango and 40% Unrefined Shea butters. 6% Rice Bran oil,6% Borage oil and 6% Evening Primrose oil. 1% French Lavender oil for fragrance and 1% Vitamin E T-50 as anti-oxident. My 1st butter I ever made I just used Shea butter and RoseHip oil and although greasy feeling initially when applied I found it absorbed quicker than the recipe I just outlined. This new recipe using Mango butter I found hardened more than I liked and although it felt nice it seemed to sit on my skin longer. So I tweeked it, and added 10% more Shea. I'm really thrilled with the result. So for a 200g batch I used 60g Mango,100g Shea,12g's each of Rice Bran,Borage and Evening Primrose oils, 2g's each of French Lavender oil and Vitamin E T-50. I'm thrilled with the result. Carol Holmes

Alexis said...

I ended up with this:

46.441% Kokum butter
30.053% cupuacu butter
17.769% Avena Oat oil
4.781% phytocide elderberry
0.956% Sensique Goji Berry

Yes the percentages are funky, but it's based on the approximate weight of two whipped butters I combined.

I started with

80% Kokum butter
14% Avena Oat oil
5% phytocide elderberry
1% Sensique Goji Berry

Since kokum is quite brittle, this was a very stiff, fingernail-digging type of whipped butter. It took several minutes to rub all of it into my skin.

I modified it to

74% Kokum butter
20% Avena Oat oil
5% phytocide elderberry
1% Sensique Goji Berry

This was still rather brittle, but it melted on contact.

So I switched butters and had

80% Cupuacu Butter
14% Avena Oat oil
5% phytocide elderberry
1% Sensique Goji Berry

This was so soft that it was difficult to create any volume as a whipped butter!

Since both butters had melt temps under 40C, I weighed what I had and remelted all of them together on the warm setting in the water bath.

I was using an ice bath instead of putting it in the freezer and the whip attachment on my immersion blender - have to take it in and out of the ice bath while whipping or else the center will stay hot while the butter along the sides is super cold.

I used the kokum because that's what I had at the time. I meant to buy some shea when I bought the cupuacu but must have taken it out of my cart instead of the ws shea!

The avena oat oil is similar to rice bran oil but has a very sweet, earthy oatmeal smell and is very shiney and oily. Both kokum and cupuacu are dry butters, but cupuacu is very soft and sort of waxy. I noticed after I combined everything that cupuacu is recommended at 1-10%! Ooops. I used the elderberry more for the fact it's elderberry than for being a preservative. Sensique goji berry is the fragrance and is an addictive, tart-orangey, citrus smell. The final product has a chocolate-orange scent since cupuacu smells like chocolate. Very nice.

Not sure if the final texture qualifies as a whipped butter. I don't have to dig at it with my finger nails, but it does require some pressure to get some out of the container. I like how it melts onto my skin. It almost has a lotion or cream-like feel to it, but it's not heavy feeling the way the body oil spray was.

If I were to tweak the formula again, I'd try

47% Kokum Butter
20% Shea Butter
10% Cupuacu Butter
17% Avena Oat oil
5% phytocide elderberry
1% Sensique Goji Berry

Alexis said...


Sent you an email with my choice. I also attached some docs I thought you'd find interesting, but I'm worried it will go to your spam folder.


I use the tare button. I also use yorker spout caps on the bottle to make dispensing easier. Yorker spouts don't have any internal mechanisms like the flip caps do and are easy to keep clean with alcohol. I recommend getting the xx/400 variety because a 24/400 cap will fit a 24/410 bottle (most of the time), but not vice versa.

Anonymous said...

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