Saturday, April 6, 2013

Welcome to the blog!

Wow! There's been a huge influx of readers in the last three weeks! A huge welcome to all you new and wonderful readers! We're a pretty friendly bunch, and we welcome you to read, comment, and enjoy! Please include your name somewhere in any comments you might make - we aren't fans of anonymity around here as it seems to foster an environment of bullying and mean-ness. Just a quick, "Bye, Susan" is adequate! 

I really appreciate your e-mails, but I encourage you to read a little more of the blog and visit the section I've called Before you write to me, read this! and the frequently asked questions (FAQ) before writing to me because they will answer a lot of the questions you've been posing to me lately. Don't get me wrong, I love seeing e-mail in my inbox, but when you're asking me where you can find hair care recipes on the blog, what e-books I might recommend, what my position is on natural products, or how to make lotions, you're asking questions that would take only a few minutes to answer by clicking on those two sections or by doing a basic search. 

The search bar on the right hand side of the blog is really really good. I often use it when I need to find something and don't feel like logging into the blog! Give it a try! Search for "lotion bar" and see there are EIGHT PAGES of recipes (and I don't think that's all of them!). The search bar at the top left of the blog isn't great...use the other one! 

If you're a newbie looking for a recipe, try using the label "newbie" in the search bar! I've been writing a series of posts called "Newbie Tuesday" where we all work on a template recipe and compare results. If you're looking for a basic recipe, that might be where you find it. Or look under the label "anhydrous" if you want products that don't contain water. 

I don't want to discourage you from writing to me, but I also don't have the time to answer questions that are really obvious. Please take a few minutes to read some blog posts, look at the FAQ, check out the links to lists, labels list, and other parts of the right hand side part of the blog to see what's here. If you really can't find something, write to me, but know that I've got at least a backlog of a week for responding to e-mails and I won't respond to something that is really obvious. 

Making products can be as simple reading a recipe and making it in your kitchen or as difficult as creating a recipe from scratch and working on it for weeks until it works well. If you have never made a product before, find a basic recipe and follow it exactly. This will give you a way of learning the process of making products and how the produt should feel when made properly. If you don't like an oil, switch it for another one. Take some time to read those Newbie Tuesday posts and consult the FAQ, or visit the section of the blog that interests you to learn more. I'm happy to help you with this amazingly fun and surprisingly addictive journey, so just ask if you don't see what you need. 

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And please stop asking me to duplicate things. I've said it time and time again there will be no exceptions to this. I know you think your request and your needs are exceptional, and that I should do it "just this once" but you are asking me to do something I have said I don't wish to do, and not taking no for an answer makes me feel you don't respect me or my time. Every day I get requests to duplicate products. Please stop. I think I've offered you enough information on this blog to learn to duplicate the product yourself. If you see me duplicating a product, it's because I wanted to duplicate it, not because I was asked. If you see a product that looks interesting - for instance, Wen conditioner - I'm happy to look at it for the blog, but don't ask me to spend hours duplicating something specifically for you. (And please don't ask me to create a recipe solely for your business, either!) 

I cannot stress enough that the search function on this blog is your friend. I have written over 1900 posts, and I can't expect you to read them all, but if you did a quick search for something like "Wen conditioner", you'd see I've written about those things in the past. Use quotation marks and + marks to keep the terms together, and you'll be amazed by what you can find! 

As a quick question, if you don't mind...where are you coming from? Where did you hear about the blog? Where were you when you clicked and arrived here? I'm really curious about this. If you could take a moment to comment here, I'd really appreciate it! And there might be a free e-book for a random commenter!  


Minnie said...

Hi Susan,

My name is Minnie. I came by your blog researching for basic body butter butter and cuticle cream. I was quite hooked that first day. I'll be honest here, when it came to chemistry in high school my eyes would glaze over and all I'd see was "Blah, blah, blah." While is still holds no appeal for me. I do find it interesting now (because you have a wonderful gift of explaining things). It took me all of five minutes on your blog and I was like, "I wonder what that is? I wonder what that means? Ooo, what's that? and Hmm...I must try this!" You brought me into a fascinating world of cosmetic chemistry. Something I NEVER EVER thought I'd enjoy. I love that you teach NOT give the answers everyone wants. I've learned so much here. Things that would take years for me to learn on my own.

That's how came upon your blog :D

Have a great weekend!

Deirdre Garza said...

Hi Susan,

I came across your blog through the soapmaker's forum just after Christmas. At the time, I was venturing into the world of lotions and needed some guidance. I was amazed by the breadth of information and knowledge, and I've been keeping up with your posts ever since through my RSS reader. It was also nice to see that you're in the Lower Mainland - I'm in North Van. Cheers for sharing with all of us,


Tara said...

Over 1900 posts? Well I definitely have read them all ;-)


Mommysoaper said...

Hello! I came across your blog from a soaping forum and a facebook group and decided to check it out. I am amazed by how much information you are willing to share to others to help increase understanding about so many different products! I find formulating extremely fascinating to read about, but I'm still at the "this is still a bit confusing" stage. I make some body cremes and lotion from other recipes but would love to formulate my own some day and tailor products for me and my family. I know that by extensively searching through your blog (which may take awhile) I may learn all I need to make my own products! Thanks for all of your hard work.


Amy J said...

came to you from a soap making forum. Your url is quite often the answer to questions! Thanks for all your information. It's amazing you have time to work, study and write a blog. What degree are you going for?


Paul Mather said...

Susan, do you use Google Analytics? It can give great insight in to where your visitors are from, how they found you and even the keywords they used to find you. It's very likely most of your visitors arrive via the Google search engine and of course referrals. Analytics will tell you all of this at a glance.

I found you while searching Google and quickly bookmarked your blog. It's an absolute gem.

I purchased your eBook late last year too.


Pat S said...

Hi Susan - I found your blog when I was searching the internet for information on lotion-making. After purchasing several books and becoming increasingly frustrated with the conflicting information in them, your blog has been an absolutely wonderful resource. Being new to your blog, I have been guilty of asking if you had a recipe that was similar to a product that I liked, so your suggestion to try your search feature was just what I needed. I tried it and found exactly what I was looking for. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge....much gratitude coming your way from Minnesota!

Anonymous said...

I learned about your blog on youtube. I am a newbie and was learning about whipped body butters. One of the comments was to come and read your blog. I came i saw and i stayed

vishwa pratap singh rana said...

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