Friday, April 5, 2013

Creating foaming bath salts!

We had some fun yesterday making bath products with Natrasorb Bath. Let's see what we can make that might foam, moisturize, and soothe our skin in the tub!

What's up with this short series? Monique asked if we could make some foaming bath salts and I thought it would be a fun idea! If you have a suggestion, e-mail me or comment here! 

To make something foam, we need to add a surfactant - a lathery, foamy, and bubbly one. But using a liquid will cause our salts to dissolve, so we need to turn to a powdered surfactant like SLSa (sodium lauryl sulfoacetate, possible brand name Lanthanol LAL). It's a very fine powder, so watch when you're making things with it as it can get into your eyes and mouth and that isn't a pleasant thing! Use a mask, if you have one. I have forgotten quite a few times, and I can taste that soapy flavour all day long!

The other two surfactants you might see in powder, prill, or noodle form are SCS (sodium cocoyl sulfate) or SCI (sodium cocoyl isethionate) are not suitable for this application because they have a high melting point and will just sit like lumps in the tub. It's too bad because SCI feels lovely and foams beautifully. Here it is in my shampoo bars (the right hand side). So pretty. Sigh...well, you can't always get what you want!

76% Epsom salts or fine sea salts
20% SLSa
3% Natrasorb bath
1% fragrance or essential oil
colouring (optional)

Yep, you can use a ton of this ingredient to absorb carrier oils to create a moisturizing bath powder. The Epsom salts are in there for bulk. You could leave those out as Natrasorb Bath can hold a lot of oils, but it would take a lot to fill a bag and you really don't want to use that much of this stuff.

You can leave the Natrasorb bath out of this product if you want. It's there to help the fragrance oil disperse, so it's not essential. Just add 3% more salts to the mix.

39% Epsom salts or fine sea salts
20% Natrasorb bath
20% SLSa
20% oils of choice
1% fragrance or essential oil
colouring (optional)

In this case, you really do need the Natrasorb bath to help hold the oils in the powdered form. If you want to make this recipe, you will either need to include something like Natrasorb bath or lower the amount of oils to about 5% or so. This won't foam as much as the previous version because oils and lather don't tend to mix, but it should give you a bit!


46% Epsom salts
20% baking soda
20% SLSa
10% citric acid
3% Natrasorb bath
1% fragrance oil or essential oil
colouring (optional)

Follow the instructions above by combining the Natrasorb bath and fragrance/essential oil first, then adding the rest of the ingredients. Only use a titch of colour as any more than that will set off the fizz! Leave out the Natrasorb bath and add 3% more Epsom salts for a total of 49% salts.

There are a few ideas for you, Monique! I'd love to hear what you think of the products!


Monique said...

Thank you. You are the BEST!

My last request - BB Cream, is this something we can do ourselves?

God Bless you and than kyou

Katherine Chiu said...

How fun! I was just wondering what I could make to use up all the SLS and SLSa I have on my shelf! Yay! What happens if we add botanicals...?

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Monique! Can you send me some links for some products so I can take a look at them?

Hi Katherine! What do you mean? Like extracts or flower petals? Let me know!

IrishMolly said...

Hello! I am new to your blog and had a quick Q - you use Natrasorb Bath for carrier oils in the bath salts. Can I substitute dendritic salt for Natrasorb. I have no access to the Natrasorb. Also if I can use Dendritic Salt do I just drizzle the carrier oil over it and mix it all in or bake it in the oven at a low temp until dry? Thanks! Cait

Marjo said...

Great post (as is the precious one) i see this can be used in lotions and crream too... How and why? THANK you in advance susan!

Melissa said...

Hi Susan. Thanks for your great blog. Are there any palm oil free alternatives to SLSa? Many thanks. Melissa

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Melissa. You could try SCI, but you'll have to melt that and it can be a pain to do that without other surfactants. Check out the post on this surfactant to learn more.