Monday, March 11, 2013

Experiments in the workshop: A 3-in-1 that might be great for swimmers

I've always loved swimming and being in the water, and Raymond is finally enjoying it, too. We both want something to protect our hair from the chemicals we find in a pool, mainly chlorine, as I've noticed that my hair is a little trashed those weeks I go every day! There are three things that make a swimming product a swimming product - it takes out the smell of chlorine, it removes the chlorine itself, and it moisturizes after exposure. I'm not the biggest fan of the 3-in-1 product as I really think we always need a good conditioner, but this is fine for not every day use. If you want to use it every day, I encourage you to use a conditioner afterwards. I will be using this recipe - Men's products: Recipes for 3-in-1 body wash and shampoo.

I can't promise this is a swimming shampoo as I can't test it for those effects. I can only tell you about my experiences and thoughts! My intention is to use it for apres swimming showers. 

Removing the smell of chlorine? That one's easy - use 2% of your favourite fragrance oil and you'll be fine. But choose your fragrances wisely. I used white chocolate fragrance oil in this version, and the young man Raymond takes swimming keeps kidding around that he wants to eat it. Raymond has advised him against it, but I fear the lure of the awesome chocolate fragrance may be too much!

Moisturizing and conditioning our skin after exposure to chlorine? Again, that one's fairly easy. I added PEG-7 olivate as an emollient, hydrolyzed oat protein as a film former and moisturizer, aloe vera as a film former and moisturizer, and polyquat 44 as a conditioning agent for hair and skin. I'm also using dimethicone as a condtioning agent and emollient. And I always include cetrimonium chloride in anything for hair as we tangle up very easily! As Raymond and I have really oily hair and skin, I don't want to add a ton of of oils because we'll never feel clean! But you can add all kinds of water soluble emollients or add oils with a solubilizer to moisturize your skin and hair if you aren't worried about being oily before your hair has dried!

A couple of good water soluble moisturizing choices? Cromollient SCE, Caprol Micro Express, any water soluble esters like PEG-7 olivate or water soluble shea, and glycol distearate? Also, adding up to 5% Crothix will act as a moisturizer and a thickener, so it's two great things in one! Or try adding an oil with enough solubilizer to make it stay in the solution. Visit this post for more on solubilizers, and refer to these posts on solubilizers to learn how to use them in something like this!

The chlorine removal is where we have to do a bit of research. I know sodium thiosulfate can work well to bind with chlorine, (click here for more from Wikipedia), but I have no idea where to find it, so it's not an option right now. I'm planning on using 0.1% citric acid and 0.1% tetrasodium EDTA as chelating ingredients for possible minerals. I've read the citric acid can help with our hair turning green when swimming - not a problem for me or Raymond, but I'm sure it can be quite annoying for others - so I'm including it for that reason. (The green isn't about chlorine, but about the algaecides we find in the pool that include copper.)

If you have an idea where I can get a small amount of sodium thiosulfate, please let me know! 

As we saw the other day, tetrasodium EDTA is quite basic and citric acid is...well, acidic. Please don't use either of these ingredients without being able to test the pH. Or do exactly as the recipe says and you'll have a pH of about 5.88. And yes, I know that tetrasodium EDTA is used for alkaline products, but it's the only version I have. I will put in an order for disodium EDTA shortly!

15% ACI
15% C14-16 olefin sulfonate
10% cocamidopropyl betaine
20% rosemary hydrosol
10% aloe vera
8% distilled water
3% glycerin
2% hydrolyzed protein
2% PEG-7 olivate
2% cetrimonium chloride
0.5% polyquat 44

5% white willow bark extract (liquid)
2% dimethicone
2% liquid panthenol
2% fragrance oil
0.5% liquid Germall Plus
0.1% tetrasodium EDTA
0.1% citric acid

Final ph: 5.88.

Don't mix it too much or you'll end up with a really bubbly and cloudy product, as seen in picture one at the top!

Raymond reports that he and the young man really like this product. It cleans his hair and skin well, and he likes the smell of white chocolate afterwards! I have used it as a shampoo, but I used a conditioner afterwards, and a body wash. I like it for both applications.

Again, I can't guarantee this will help with anything other than cleansing your skin or hair because I can't test the results with controls groups and the like, but I like this product! I do recommend using a conditioner afterwards for serious moisturizing and conditioning of your hair. My current favourite for the months when we're enjoying a lot of humidity is this one, but I've reduced the BTMS-225 to 3.5% and upped the water by 3.5% I love it1


Carol said...

Hi, Sodium Thiosulfate anhydrous 99% 100g $3.40, sodium thiosulfate penta. usp 100g $10.00 at Xenex Labs in Coquitlam,hope that helps


Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Awesome! Thanks, Carol! I searched their site, but didn't find it. I'll look again as i really want and need something for apres swimming!

Anonymous said...

The Chemistry Store has it.

It's a little stinky, though, and takes some work to find a fragrance that works with it.

Anonymous said...

I saw it at The Chemistry Store, and I also found this version at SoapGoods. Not sure if those are quite what you are looking for (or indeed if they are safe to use on skin), but just thought I would share.

Thanks again for the wealth of information you so generously share with your readers!


Marg said...

Hi Susan Can you explain your thinking on adding white willow bark extract to your 3 in 1? I love that product, and use it in my aftershave lotion to soothe tiny nicks or scrapes, but not sure if its purpose in a rinse-off cleansing product.

Thank you and keep up the inspiring work!

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Marg! Great Question! The short answer is that I remember reading that it can be used in rinse-off products for its keratolytic or exfoliating properties, so that's why I use it. I've answered your question as a Weekend Wondering for today. Look for it shortly!

Myra said...

Hi Susan
I found several offerings as well on Amazon
Your blog rocks and I have learned so much.
Thanks for all you give so freely!