Sunday, March 10, 2013

Check what you have: Dry Flo

In this post, Heela wrote to me to say: I have been trying to look for directions on how to use Dry-Flo TS in lotion to get rid of that "greasy" feeling. I read on your blog that you add it to the water phase. My lotions were coming out a bit weird and I went to the manufacturer this time to figure things out. The manufacturer's formulations indicate you should add Dry-Flo TS to the cool down phase. Thought this might help anyone else who had the same question. Also, it worked out amazingly.

I'm glad you've achieved success using this method! Thanks for sharing this. However...Dry-Flo TS and Dry-Flo AF aren't the same thing. This seems like a good opportunity to do another installment of check what you've got! (If you don't know what an INCI name might be, click there before moving on.)

Dry-Flo AF - INCI: Corn Starch Modified. And it looks like Azko Nobel doesn't make this any more. The only place I could really find it was with From Nature with Love, and they are out of stock. I can't find a data sheet or any information on my computer about using it. I have always used it in the water phase and it's worked for me, but I can't show you any confirmation that it is to be used that way. (Which is a good reminder to all of us to make sure we keep things like this in an organized place.)

After quite a bit of searching, it turns out the Dry-Flo AF I use is now called Amaze. Not Amaze XT - that's dehydroxanthan gum! I read quite a few formulations and a number of them suggested we could use it in the water phase at 65˚C, while others suggested adding it to the water phase at under 50˚C. However, here's an example of one that allows us to heat Amaze (aka Dry-Flo AF) to 80˚C.

Dry-Flo TS - INCI:  Tapioca Starch (and) Polymethylsilsesquioxane (Link to Azko Nobel and link to press release for this product.) It is suggested that we add this to our products in the cool down phase at lower than 45˚C. (This is from a powerpoint I found on their site.) Here's a formulation for a pomade and here's one that shows it in the cool down phase. Heela reports she had greta success using it in the cool down phase, so follow that recommendation!

Michele notes: Dry-Flo TS can be used above 45 degrees as long as the formula is anhydrous. In any lotion containing water it must be used in the cool down phase. The recipe for the pomade is anhydrous, no water.
Thanks, Michele! Corrected! 

Please please please check what you have! Read the INCI name of the ingredient at your supplier's website, and if you still don't know, ask them what they are carrying. If they won't tell you or don't know, consider finding another supplier.

Thanks for sharing your experiences, Heela, making me think, and giving me a great topic for a post!

The Instagrammed picture above is of Raymond at the Mitchell Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota during our honeymoon in 2009. They claim to be the corn capital of either North America or the World. They clearly haven't been to Chilliwack. I did serve them and they accepted when we were there, so it is "officially on", although I'm not sure what any of that means! 


Michele said...


Dry-Flo TS can be used above 45 degrees as long as the formula is anhydrous. In any lotion containing water it must be used in the cool down phase. The recipe for the pomade is anhydrous, no water.

Heela said...

I love the lecture on reading INCI names correctly, but you misspelled my name twice ;) haha. Thanks for all the great info -from as usual!

Heela said...

And of course, I have to make a typo. Serves me right for pointing your typos out haha. Info --as usual***

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Corrected and corrected! Thanks for the catch!

Stephany&Stacia said...

Hi Susan, I want to use Arrowroot powder in my butters and lotions to be a little less greasy, I know it's possible but some people say it's exactly the same, others say it's inferior. Do you have an opinion?
Thanks so much for everyhting Susan, keep up the good work!

Stephany&Stacia said...

Oops, forgot to subscribe to the answers!

Betsy said...

Hi Susan,
I got a sample of Amaze dry flo and tried using it in a lotion bar - it just sinks to the bottom. How do you incorporate in a lotion bar. I can see how it works in a lotion but to me it's a big fail for balms.

Anonymous said...

I cannot seem to get my hands on the product referred to in this article as Dry Flo AF. I too have seen it referred to elsewhere as "Amaze", but could not find a supplier for it(except for one in Australia. I'm in the U.S. I don't want it enough to pay that kind of shipping!). The Herbarie sells a product called MaizeThix which has an INCI of modified corn starch, the same as Dry Flo AF. Could MaizeThix and Dry Flo AF be the same product? The only reason I wasn't sure is that "modified corn starch" sounds a bit vague to me. I mean, HOW is it modified? How can I be sure that MaizeThix is "modified" in the same way that Dry Flo AF is? Perhaps I'm just being persnickety here...


Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Bridget! You'll have to ask the Herbarie about their products. I don't think they are the same thing, but you can try. Sorry I can't find it anywhere else.