Saturday, January 19, 2013

Please comment on old posts!

Every few days I see someone commenting on a post from a few years ago starting their comment with this, "I know this is an old post..." and it might be, but isn't the point to get as much information into one place? So please, comment away! It means we can gather information and opinions spanning the four years, and I think that's an awesome way to learn!

As well, it draws my attention to inconsistencies and generally unattractive posts that need more pictures, so I can take a few minutes and correct or pretty them up!

This is a jar of apple chutney made from a recipe we found in Put 'Em Up stored in a Weck jar. This is one of my favourite - if not my favourite - canning, jamming, and pickling books. It has nothing to do with the nature of this post, but I thought it was a nice looking product! 

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