Friday, January 18, 2013

A few things for a freezing Friday! iPad cases, facial scrub pH, and bacon pancakes!

Sorry for the last few days - life and work have become insanely busy, and I'm trying to figure out how I can use my new iPad to blog on the go!

Don't you love this case? It's a pattern by Whistlepig Creek Productions, the e-Cozy Palooza for the iPad mini. It was super easy to make and fits the iPad mini perfectly.  I love it! My iPad's name is Bran - and if you know Game of Thrones, you'll realize that makes me Hodor! - and the fabric words are all about cupcakes!

To follow up on the facial scrubs stuff, here are a few links on the importance of getting the pH right in our products. As I mentioned in this post, I'm not a fan of decyl glucoside as the pH can be too high, but you can reduce it by adding a little citric acid (see post below) to bring it down. If you're using AHAs, this is also an issue. You don't have to have a pH meter, but it is pretty cool to whip it out when you're drinking orange juice on a Sunday morning to share the pH of that beverage with your fellow brunchers. We will be addressing this further with a visual tutorial when we get to making a surfactant based scrub with AHAs late next week!

Adjusting the pH of our products 
Chemistry of our skin: pH and the acid mantle
Chemistry of our skin: pH of our skin
Chemistry of our skin: pH and our skin care products

Finally, if you have some time and want some awesome food, I suggest you check out Joy the Baker's blog! I received the cookbook for Christmas and we've tried a few recipes so far, all of which were fantastic! This is my version of the bacon pancakes - we don't have a waffle maker, so we made pancakes - and they were great. The oatmeal cookie pancakes were similarly fantastic! And I'm not the most pancake loving woman in the world, but I'm actually about to make another batch of the bacon ones as they were delicious! Fluffy and cake-y and bacon-y. Try these. Even hardcore vegans won't be able to resist the lure of the bacon pancake!

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Michele Clarke said...

Joy of Baking-Best shortbread cookie recipe EVER!