Friday, December 21, 2012

A few comments I missed: Emulsifiers, scrubs, and facial scrubs!

As you probably know, I've been really busy over the last few months, and I missed some great comments. I'm going back through the archives to see what I missed...and here are a few that caught my attention!  

In this post on modifying the eye cream to include different oils, Robert asks: Also, great work on the eye cream. You have been very ambitious experimenting with various emulsifiers. Of the ones you tried, which one did you like the best?

I like the Ritamulse SCG version best. Not too greasy, not too dry, it felt like it was absorbed quickly but left behind a mild greasiness that let me know the product was still there. It wasn't shiny when it put it on - which, to be honest, isn't an issue if I use it at night!  I admit that I'm having a love affair with this emulsifer because it seems to fall right in the middle of Polawax's greasiness and BTMS-50's powderiness. It seems like my mom likes the BTMS-50 version best, but then she's a big fan of powderiness. I'm using the Polawax version as a very small hand cream I carry in my purse. It's lovely that way!

In this post on salt & sugar scrubs, Patricia asked: I agree about the scrubs being great for dry skin, but worry about making my Mom's shower slick! Perhaps the emulsified scrub rinses better off the floor? 

I think they do. One of the nice things about the emulsified scrubs is that they rinse off fairly clean from our skin, and they do the same in the tub. I tend to reserve the oil based scrubs for my manicure scrubs, which I use in the sink, because of that slipperiness!

In this same post, Rosi asked enthusiastically: HOW ABOUT A SCRUB FOR THE FACE?

Great question! I don't tend to use oils on my skin because I'm really oily and I break out easily, but I can see how someone with dry skin might like one. Let's start a series on making facial scrubs tomorrow! The quick answer is that you might want to use something as an exfoliant other than salt or sugar. There are some nice things like jojoba beads, bamboo, loofah, or other light exfoliants you could include. And you might want to choose different oils - or maybe not.

Rosi: Can you email me at

Join me tomorrow as we take a look at making a scrub for the face!


melian1 said...

re the scrubs and shower floor... my theory on why it doesn't seem to make the shower floor slippery is that being emulsified, what washes off the skin becomes a lotion (water, emulsified oil combined) and thus just goes down the drain. the oil is left behind on the skin.

my parents haven't had any trouble, nor have i, with the scrub making the floor slippery anyway.

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan!

This is going to sound unconventional, but I mix flour with my emulsified ocm to make a scrub for my face. I know flour doesn't sound like it would be gritty enough, but I actually think it's better than bamboo powder at a fraction of the price. I specifically use Bob's Red Mill stone ground brown rice flour, but I suppose the brand and type would be dependent on individual preference/skin feel. The very fine, small particle sized flours won't work for obvious reasons.

I am currently experimenting with Ritamulse (ECOmulse)as my emulsifier because I want to start using phenonip instead of optiphen plus to preserve this. I don't know if this information will help you at all, but I thought I'd share it even though you've probably already got a ton of ideas in your head already. :D


Lyn said...

My favorite scrub for the face is raw honey that has grains. My grandmother has hives on her farm and I had a massive pot of honey sitting in my cupboard for forever and a day. Finally I piped some into a tottle and brought it into the shower. I massage it onto my face and back and leave it on like a masque for the remainder of my shower. It has been excellent for my clogged pores and back acne and it was practically free!

Mychelle said...

Ooh, I'm interested in the scrub for the face. I prefer acids for exfoliating my face but my Dad loves scrubs. In addition to an oil-based emulsified scrub I'm interested in creating a water and surfactant based facial scrub. (What's the popular one? St. Ives I believe.) I used to mix a little ground oatmeal and corn starch in my hand with a touch of cleanser. That was a nice gentle scrub. Something already mixed and pretty would be better though. :)

catherine said...

how about a scrubby cleansing bar? one for face, one for body...