Friday, October 19, 2012

Thought for the day: Trying recipes!

If you've never made a recipe before, try staying as closely to it as you can. On my blog, there are generally a few different versions of the recipe to be found! Let's say you like this recipe for my emulsified sugar scrub, click on the links in the post or click on the labels at the bottom to find other versions of this recipe. (You'll know if there are other versions as I generally tell you that in the post.)

If you don't have the ingredients I mention, substitute them for something close if you want to stay near the original recipe. If you don't have sunflower oil, substitute a light, greasy feeling oil instead. Sweet almond, safflower, or soy bean would be good substitutions. Don't substitute avocado or olive oil - they're both too heavy. If you don't have hydrolyzed silk protein, look at what that ingredient brings and substitute something similar. (Any hydrolyzed protein would bring film forming and moisturizing qualities, so choose one of those.)

I know I sound like a broken record or skipping CD or whatever happens to MP3s when they degrade, but knowing your ingredients makes it so much easier to make products. If you don't know your ingredients, you are stuck buying ingredients you might not need to follow recipes, you won't be able to make changes when you run out of an ingredient, and you won't know which ingredients to change when you don't like the skin feel of your product!

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