Sunday, October 21, 2012

I'm still alive!

Thank you to my wonderful readers for showing such concern about where I went! I didn't go anywhere - I'm here, I'm just really busy. I've started working out - aquafit four times a week, weights twice a week - to help with my sore back, which means my mornings are about getting to the gym. And I'm taking 7 hours a week of classes, both of which are morning classes. My normal time to write is in the morning when my brain is fresh and excited, and that time has been taken up by these other activities. I'm trying to figure out how to write in the evenings, but it just doesn't come easily! (And yes, I'm still working full time. I think I took on a little bit much this semester!) 

Add to that preparation for my craft groups, the big Hallowe'en party, and International Games Day @ the library on November 3rd, and I don't have much time to do anything right now! The blog is one of my huge priorities, but the youth programs take precedence right now. (We just celebrated our seventh anniversary of Games Night! Wow! Four of the first eight kids still attend, and three are in their twenties!) 

The picture above is Olivia's henna tattoo she did earlier this week while helping teach the class. The strange purple creature is my half-pony half-monkey monster from last year's Hallowe'en costume. I was an evil genius from the song Skullcrusher Mountain by Jonathan Coulton. (Click here for an unofficial video!) 

The good news is that I'm feeling better. I'm getting over a nasty cold, but the herniated disks in my back only give me trouble when I don't get to my workout or do something stupid like bend down without using my legs. 

I'm hoping to finish up the eye cream recipe later this week, then more Newbie Tuesday! I'm also working on responding to your comments and e-mails! 

If you want to know more about International Games Day @ the library, click here. We're the library in Yarrow (British Columbia). And we're sponsoring the Speers library in Saskatchewan! (My best friend's mom is the librarian there. It's a town of 96 people! Awesome!) If you're in the Fraser Valley, come check us out from 11 to 6 Saturday, November 3rd at the Yarrow library! We've rented the gym, and we hope to see everyone - not just teens! - at the library. We're challenging the parents to an adult Rock Band competition! Click on the link to see if a library near you is offering this great event! 


Lise M Andersen said...

I know it seems awfully selfish of all of us (and I'm sure I speak for all of your readers), but we do start suffering from Susan withdrawal if you disappear for longer than normal. Feel better soon!

catherine said...

Hi. Speaking of henna tattoos, I've always wondered if I could make my own henna tattoo by just buying the henna hair dye from the health food store. Do you have a recipe? :)

Malika Smith said...

You rock!

p said...

Ugh, I didn't realize you have herniated discs - makes me all the more impressed by how you balance all the wonderful work and play in your life. We are all lucky to have you in our lives through this blog. Hope you feel better soon!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry youre having some pain Swift. Im Glad to see your getting back around though. I asked the question about the bit of oil on the top of lotions. You said you couldn't really help without the recipe I used. I did leave a comment on that post "Why am I getting a little bit of oil on the top of my lotions", with the recipe I used. I know you are trying to get around to reading comments and such, I thought I'd let you know I commented. But I believe I may have found the culprit. I don't think I mixed the oil and water phases at the same temperature, or for long enough. Ive made another recipe and made sure to mix at the same temp and mix for plenty long enough and so far have seen no problems. If you get some time, please let me know what you think of the wrinkle cream recipe I formulated, its in that comment. I wanted to use lots of actives and things, and would love to hear your opinion on if its ok. I've only formulated a few lotions so far and am hoping Im on the right track. Thank you.

The names Bill by the way.