Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Why did I buy that again? Lipidthix

Lipidthix (INCI Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil) is an oil soluble vegetable oil that has been hydrogenated  into a powdered form. It thickens oil soluble products and can make butters by adding it to oils. (It's recommended at 20% Lipidthix with 80% oils to make a buttery version of the oil.)

As an aside, if you get something that isn't a true butter - say, something like soy butter - it will have an INCI of soy oil and hydrogenated vegetable oil. If you use this with something like soy oil, you should have a similar product. 

Lotioncrafter recommends we use it at 1% to 35% in the oil phase of our products. It has a melting point of 51˚C or 156˚F, and it's really important to get your products over that temperature if you want to make butters that don't have grains.

This may or may not be the same product as the Vegethix found at the Herbarie. Vegethix sounds the same, but it's in flake format. Unfortunately, I can't find the proper name for this ingredient or the manufacturer, so it's hard to know exactly what this ingredient is in a Google search. (I always encourage you to know your INCI names for this very reason!)

As a note, I have not been paid to say something nice about this ingredient. I bought it from Lotioncrafter with my own funds, and I'm writing about it because it's an interesting ingredient. 

Join me tomorrow to see how it we can make our own butters with this ingredient!


Mitchell said...

I've always wondered how places made avocado butter. I'm amazed at how inexpensive this ingredient is.

Julie said...

Oh Im so glad your doing a post on this! I've got Vegethix already and am buying Lipidthix this week also. I actually made Avocado butter when I first got the Vegethix. I loved it. I've also made and almond butter and am going to make another avocado butter but with unrefined green avocado oil this time! I've been wanting to use it some more so this will be fun. I hope you do a series on making your own butters!

Tara said...

Would this be the way to make hydrogenated castor oil, or can you make a castor butter with this? Hydrogenated castor oil always feels so nice on the lips!

Julie said...

Oooh! Tara that sounds amazing! I never thought about using castor oil for a butter, and it is my favorite oil. I know what I'm doing today!

Mitchell said...

@julie, When you made your butter with the Vegethix, was it grainy? Was your process similar to Susan's?

@tara, it wouldn't make hydrogenated castor oil, since the hydrogenation process is not performed on castor oil. It would make a nice castor butter though.

Anonymous said...

Ah-ha! So that's what it is!

There's only one company (I can think of) in Australia that sells the stuff, but they call it 'butter up'.

Can't wait to have some fun with it, now.

Erica said...

I stumbled on your blogs while looking up this ingredient. I have now been reading not just this one but a lot of your blogs!! So glad I found you!! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

My question is this, I found out that the Lipidthix is actually hydrogenated cottonseed oil. Would hydrogenated castor seed oil do the same thing? I found that Soapers Choice has it for a really good price, but I don't want to order vast quantities without trying it!!!

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

HI Anonymous. Please put your name on your comment or I will have to delete it. I'm afraid I don't know the answer to your question. You'll have to ask the person who runs Soaper's Choice if it will work the same way.