Monday, September 3, 2012

Experiments in the workshop: Rita BTMS-225 - results

As I mentioned in this post on watching your products over time, I thought I'd do a follow up on the conditioner I made with Rita BTMS-225 and let you know how it stands up over time and what we thought of it. (I made my normal conditioner but traded the Incroquat BTMS-50 for Rita BTMS-225.)

As an aside, Rita BTMS-225 looks to be the same product as Incroquat BTMS-25. I haven't formulated with BTMS-25, so I can't compare them in real life, but the INCI name is the same. 

Here's what my bestest friend, Wanda, had to say about the conditioner: I used the conditioner this morning. I like it. It was a bit thick, but it came out of the bottle nicely. I only had to use a bit to provide nice coverage to my hair. It rinsed out easily and took out the bed head tangles. It does not feel weighed down. Now I need to see how long it takes to feel greasy.

Her update: I have been using the new conditioner for 2 weeks now and I love it! I need very little to nicely cover my hair. It rinses out great, leaving my hair very soft and tangle free. I can go three days between washes, so this formula doesn't make my hair greasy! In short, I love it and it smells great, too

My original notes found in this post: On my hair, it felt a bit waxy, but the end result was pretty darn good considering that it was very humid the other day and was humid this morning and I didn't have a ton of frizzies. My hair seemed easier to brush, as well. It wasn't as slippery in the tub as my normal conditioner is, which is a bonus when you're a clumsy person like me!

An update: I found that my hair didn't get any more greasy than normal. It feels well conditioned and I like the way I'm getting some spiral curls, no doubt because my hair is slightly more moisturized using the cetearyl alcohol instead of cetyl alcohol, which is found in the BTMS-50. It is very thick, so I've created a version using 4% Rita BTMS-225 and it's very nice. (Just reduce the BTMS-225 to 4%, and add 3% more water to this recipe.) I would definitely recommend this ingredient for usage in a conditioner!

So there you have it. Anyone else want to share their thoughts about Rita BTMS-225.


Mychelle said...

I've had pretty much the same experience with the Rita BTMS 225. My Dad is my best guinea pig because he has long hair but it's finer and greasier than mine. We both thought it sits a little more heavily on the hair but it rinses to perfection. And we aren't getting greasy any earlier, which is a big bonus. I'm really pleased with it - I just ordered three more pounds! What a beautiful picture of Wand! That big smile and I adore her outfit! Said the bellydancer. :)

Julie said...

Hey Susan,

I have an unrelated question. I was looking to see if you had any milk type bubble bath recipes, and I came across the Korres Milk Proteins 3 in 1 cleansing emulsion you duplicated. In the ingredient list there are no surfactants. How the heck can a cleanser cleanse if it doesn't have any surfactants? I tried googling it but couldnt find anything.
I thought "I bet Susan would have fun answering this!"

Aljonor said...

Hey Susan,

I have also tried BTMS and love it too. I have fine, course, and dry hair and find the results to be amazing when using it in intensive conditioner with castor oil. When I wash it out, My hair feels great and not weighed down; it just feels conditioned. I also think it is a great softener.