Friday, July 13, 2012

Mineral make-up: Fun with eye shadows!

We had our biggest craft group ever yesterday! 41 kids came to learn how to make mineral make-up, including eye shadows, lip balms, and finishing powders with some henna tattoos on the side. It was great fun, and over the last few weeks, I've been learning new things to keep them interested. (And this is all thanks to you, my wonderful readers, as you donate to our youth programs! You are so lovely!

If you look to your left, you'll see the mineral make-up being used as nail polish. I learned how to do this from Writing Beauty blog. The video is well done and the process is easy to follow. Anne-Marie also covered it on her Soap Queen Blog! I used Joe Quick Dry top coat from Superstore ($3.33 if you buy 3, $4 if you don't), and it seems to be working quite well.

And yes, those are my real nails. I have really long, strong hair, and I don't have to shave my legs. Hate me now. I can take it! 

If you're going to make some eyeshadow, you'll need an eye shadow base. I use the regular base when I'm making eye shadows that are more matte and the alternate base when I'm making eye shadows that are more shiny or glittery, or when I'm using those colour shifting or iridescent colours.

I'm obsessed with Game of Thrones right now. I've just finished watching the series, and I'm getting ready to read the books. I've created a few colours to go with the show. Ice was created by Melissa, one of the wonderful girls from the group, but it's hard to see in the picture because it's a shiny white with blue hints of glitter. Melissa also created Fire, which is a glittery copper colour. Winterfell is silver/grey with a hint of pink/red to represent blood. Winter is Coming (that's the nail polish colour), which is a variation of Winterfell to which I added some white Winterfell and it's a silver with a hint of pink/red to represent blood. And finally, Draconis is a green with gold flecks. I can't really wear the Fire as it doesn't suit me, but I'm loving the rest of them!

2 scoops base
1 scoop iridescent violet
2 scoops sunpearl siliver
2 scoops blue crystal glitter
½ scoop superstar blue mica

2 scoops base
1 scoop petal pink
1 scoop cappuccino mica
1 scoop drama queen mica
1 scoop copper penny mica
2 scoops sunpearl gold
2 scoops sunpeal copper
1 scoop glitz & glamour mica
½ scoop heavy metal gold mica

2 scoops base
2 scoops silver mist mica
1 scoop drama queen mica

1 scoop Winterfell
1 scoop white mica, pearly finish

2 scoops base
2 scoops heavy metal gold mica
5 scoops blue lagoon mica
2 scoops sparkle gold

I always think of this girl on Pender Island who sells knitted items with the names of TV shows she was watching as she made the hat, scarf, or pair of socks. One of the items I loved, a toque that unfortunately didn't fit me, was named Michael Jackson, after the interview with Martin Bashir. I've been considering doing that with my various bath & body products, but they'd all be called something to do with Iron Maiden or Blind Guardian songs, which would get a little repetitive over a short period of time. Or The Infinite Monkey Cage, my favourite podcast ever! 

I'm having a love affair with this blue lagoon mica from Voyageur. It doesn't suit me as an eye shadow, but I used it as a nail polish and love it. It's the same colour as my mom's car! I made up an eye shadow I called 80s Girl that consisted of 3 scoops of this mica and 2 scoops base and it's simply gorgeous!

As an aside, the Pop micas we used to use aren't being sold by TKB trading any more, so most of the micas we use now are from Voyageur Soap & Candle now. This means we have to recreate various colours and accept that we won't be able to make others. (If you can get yourself some orange or yellow, snap them up because these aren't easy colours to find!) This is one of the reasons we can't get too reliant upon one supplier - if they don't like Drama Queen or Glitz & Glamour, they're gone and we can't make what we love! This is especially concerning if you sell your make-up. This is one of the reasons I tend to make my colours with iron oxides or ultramarines as a base, then I add the micas as a slight colour changer with some glitter.

Here's my tutorial on how to make eye shadow. If you ever debated about making mineral make-up, stop debating and get doing! And here's a laugh for your morning - Makeup for men! (Glitter's for little girls!)

Join me tomorrow for some information on making lip balms and lip shimmers!

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Jablin Diaz said...

Hi. I would like to thank you for this awesome site that has been a lot of help to me. I want to make all this eye shadows but I dont know where to find this colors micas that you name here. I have search a couple of sites but I havent find the exact names of the micas you mention here. If please you can help and tell me where I can find it... Will be a lot of help.. Thank You!

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Jablin. As I mention in the post, I get most of my mineral make-up supplies from Voyageur Soap & Candle. If you don't live in Canada, look for similar colours from a supplier near you. (Check the FAQ for suppliers in your region!)

Jablin Diaz said...

Thank you!