Thursday, July 5, 2012

Keep the discussion going!

I'm really enjoying the discussions about how we started making our own products and how you feel about shipping costs, so please keep it going as I spend the day making duct tape creations with the tweens and teens at the Chilliwack library!

If you want to make your own duct tape bow, click here.
For a duct tape wallet, click here!


kiev@miraclebars said...

I started making soap when I was planning to start making my own skincare. I stumbled upon a recipe and was intrigued - years later it is now a business for me. It makes me laugh when I decided to concentrate on soap making because it would be less time consuming to learn than skincare, it took me a year and a half to formulate my base soap! While I have your attention, Susan I have scoured your site for information on surfactants. I want to try and make a cleansing bar that is similar in consistency to a soft lotion bar, something you could pinch off and easily spread on your face. When water added it would foam. The base of such bar would just be oils and butter. Don't know if its possible I can't seem to find an answer anywhere so i am suspecting "NO". If yes - just point me in the direction of such ingredient. I love you blog! Thanks, Kiev

Anonymous said...

obviously, im not susan, but the only thing that pops in my mind is coconut oil. it foams a bit. hope thats helpful. cheers, Rebecca.