Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I'm not dead yet! I think I'm getting better!

We followed up the well attended mineral make-up group last Thursday - 41 kids, which is a record! - with 19 kids at the Yarrow groups happily making bubble bath and fragrance sprays yesterday. (That's also a record!) I'm preparing for the tween and teen groups tomorrow in which we'll be enjoying polymer clay!

As I lie here on my couch under the cooling blowiness of the air conditioner, eating milk chocolate chips from my husband's secret stash of baking supplies and debating if I want to watch Masterchef or a documentary on geometry, it occurs to me that I'm not really getting into Craft Wars on TLC. I don't know if it's Tori Spelling - a love of Beverly Hills 90210 is my secret shame, but Donna Martin was my least favourite character - or the format of the show, but I'm just not loving it. The crafters complained about having to sew because it wasn't really their thing, but they could build a freakin' playhouse? That isn't crafting! That's building a freakin' playhouse!

Summer isn't really my thing. We're experiencing a boom year for mosquitoes, and I am like sugar to them. I was bitten repeatedly while sitting inside a coffee shop this morning! I have a bite right beside my right eye. Considering that I swell up dramatically when bitten, tomorrow could be an interesting day for seeing!

I'm working on posts for later this week, bringing back the newbie and chemistry posts, as well as more substitution posts, so look for those in the next few days! In the meantime, here's a cute picture of my dog!


Lise M Andersen said...

Hey Susan . A thought. I get bitten by more or less by mosquitos depending on which hydrosol I am using as a cooling summer misting spray. How about doing an anti-mosquito one as an experiment? :)

Jen said...

Susan, I hope you feel better real soon. The mosquitos are extra venomous this year, for sure. Your hard work is always appreciated and a little down time isn't necessarily such a bad thing. 😉

Stacey Neuhaus said...

I'm totally with you on the whole Craft Wars thing. Tori Spelling? Not my favorite person in the world.

I guess the problem that I have with so called "reality shows" is that they are sooo scripted. If they're going to script something...the least they can do is coach the "players" on reading it better. Yanno?

And you do have a cute little doggie! =o)

sfs said...

I too am sugar for mosquitoes and I HATE using deet, (ruins the manicure!) so I formulated a nice-ish lotion with lemon eucalyptus oil. It wasn't the greatest smelling but it was effective at keeping the mosquitoes from biting me and my family in the jungles of Belize last summer. Unfortunately, I can't find my recipe to share with you but I used a high amount of LE oil, probably 30%.
Good luck!

Will said...

I'm your opposite, besides being a guy! I love hot summer.

Okay, I've got a (tm) weird question.

I use "Udderly Smooth" hand cream not necessarily because it's lightly scented (big plus), nor because it's moisturizing (half care in the summer), but because it's kind of sticky!

I handle/touch about 5 reams or more of paper a day (I work for the military) and I like how the product leaves my hand sort of moist and vaguely sticky.

I made a lotion with 1% lanolin, and 17% glycerin. I'm using it and I think I'm on the right path (although I made it too oily), but what would you suggest to make hands mildly tacky without feeling dirty gross?

Even the Udderly Smooth could be a little tackier in my opinion. I'm not trying to duplicate, I'm trying to improve for my circumstances!

I promise I will never ask a normal question and this is proof!


Will said...

PS: I'm sure I'm not the only paper touching office worker!