Monday, May 28, 2012

How's that Made? photos - sponsored by readers like you!

I wanted to share pictures from some of the groups we've enjoyed recently as part of our Rated T for Teen youth programs.

If you've never used henna to make temporary tattoos, I definitely recommend it! You can choose from traditional designs or allow the kids to draw what they want! Henna can last up to three weeks, so make this clear to the kids before you start!

If you want to try henna tattoos, I recommend finding an Indian grocery near you. You can buy the powder and make your own, but it is just as easy to buy the cones for about $2 from said store. The darker the henna, the longer it lasts. And you can scrub it off with something oil based - a nice sugar scrub, for instance - if you end up with someone who thought it was funny to create extra eyebrows or a moustache!

We also enjoyed some stencilling. This is a very popular group with the kids for obvious reasons! We learned how to make Hunger Games and Avengers stencils in this group! I really encourage you to try stencilling as a way of re-using that shirt you hate, covering up those stains on the front of your favourite shirt, or creating wearable art!

If you're interested in learning more about stencilling, click here for my instructions and some cute stencils you can make with the kids in your life!

And sock monkeys! The most incredibly wonderful toys in the world! Natalie, our favourite librarian, taught the group how to make sock monkeys! It was great fun, but if you want to enjoy this project, make sure you leave yourself enough time. We used really long socks, and we ended up enjoying two groups, almost four hours, to finish them off.

Here's the pattern we used! I really encourage you to try it!

And finally, here's a cake from our cake decorating class. I think the boys did an amazing job! If you are looking for a nice buttercream recipe, I recommend the one on the back of the Roger's powdered sugar recipe.

I've been enjoying a marshmallow based frosting with my cakes - equal parts by weight of butter, powdered sugar, and marshmallow fluff with some vanilla (I like to use a splash, then taste it). I'm in love with this recipe! Put this on top of a chocolate cupcake with a graham cracker and you've got a cupcake S'mores!

Last week's fun was all about the paper toys, and the week before was my favourite group - bath & body products, including salt scrubs, whipped butter, and fragrance sprays. (Click here for those recipes!) Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures as it was very busy!

Thank you so much for supporting our groups through your amazing donations! If you'd like to know more about our programs, click here. Every single penny from the e-books go directly to programs for the kids at the libraries, and it's thanks to readers like you that we can continue to offer programs in our community!

We can never thank you enough for all your support of our programs, but we can try! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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Ruth said...

i have one of those sock monkeys, my grandma make me probably 55 years ago..