Saturday, May 5, 2012

A few thoughts for a not-warm-enough Saturday in May...

If you've been trying recipes from other blogs or websites and they haven't worked, I suggest a few moments with this post - how can you tell if it's a good recipe? I make this suggestion because I've spent a goodly part of today surfing various natural beauty product websites doing some research, and I don't think I found a single recipe that would work to make a product that would remain emulsified for more than a day or two. None of the products suggested using preservatives, and I saw everything but actual emulsifiers used as emulsifiers. I saw suggestions that we don't need to use emulsifiers for oil in water lotions -  we do, the laws of chemistry and physics require it, and I don't think anyone's allowed to break those rules! - and that we could use jojoba oil, honey, benzoin, and a variety of other things as preservatives.

If you want to follow those recipes, go ahead...I've honestly given up on trying to argue with people that beeswax is NOT an emulsifier on its own, and I don't want to hear your story about how you managed to defy the laws of chemistry and physics when millions haven't managed it...I share this because I hope to save you a little time and money by suggesting things that we know will work!

As a note, the picture above is of some SCI with added stearic acid I heated and held for a liquid hand cleanser two weeks ago. I went into my workshop the next morning and saw this! It was well melted after the heating and holding, but for some reason it went into little balls in the jug as it cooled. I stirred it once and all was well, but this is something I've never seen before! This is what it looks like now and it has not returned to the noodle-y state! Weird, eh?

Here's the original recipe using SCI without stearic, and here's the variation with liquid ACI

I think I'm going to have a nice lie down and play some Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns on my DS while listening to some good music. (I'm totally loving At the Edge of Time by Blind Guardian! Sacred Worlds is a truly epic song!) I've just married Kana! (Am I the only one convinced that he loves his horse more than me?) Tomorrow I'm planning a day of watching Game of Thrones - I haven't seen it yet, and I'm so excited!!! - and eating way too much chocolate! I desperately need time in the workshop, but my hip/back/ferry injury is really bad, so I must accept that rest is the key here!

What are you doing this first Saturday in May?

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