Friday, May 4, 2012

Confusion about cetrimonium chloride

As you know, I'm a huge fan of cetrimonium chloride - short form, cetac - in my conditioners, and I seem to put it in every phase possible. But which is the best phase...

Here's the official word from the Handbook of Cosmetic Science & Technology, second edition, page 413...
The length and number of alkyl chains of quats also determines water solubility of these compounds. Monoalkyl quaternaries up to cetrimonium chloride are water soluble, for example, distearyldimonium chloride is water dispersible, while tricetylmonium chloride is insoluble in water.

So you can put your cetrimonium chloride in the water phase or the heated phase. Or the cool down phase. Honestly, it works in any phase. I do find if I put it in the cool down phase, the product is less watery than if I included it in either the heated water or heated oil phase, so you might see in my cool down phase for that reason.

Hope this clarifies this big question!

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Clive said...

Quats are nice, but what to do about viscosity? I just tried increasing the amount of quaternium-60 to 0.5% and it made the shampoo like water.