Sunday, April 1, 2012

Why I hate April Fool's Day

People are always surprised when I say my husband and I aren't fans of April Fool's Day. I think it's because we are very happy, funny people who enjoy weird things like going to the Spam Museum in Austin, Minnesota, so I think it's kind of a shock that we aren't into practical jokes as well. 

I hate practical jokes. It seems the intent is to derive laughter by making someone else feel foolish, and that's not the kind of comedy I enjoy. I don't laugh at people falling down stairs - I did that in 2008 and now I have a calcified bump on what I will call my lower lower lower back that requires me to sit on a padded seat for the rest of my life - and I don't laugh at other people being humiliated. 

I can't stand April Fool's Day on line thanks to the fake news stories. They aren't hurting anyone, so where's the problem? Two things spring to mind: I have trouble trusting that source in the future and I get frustrated when people pass the joke on as fact. Let's take for example the news story that Starbucks is banning screenwriters from their shops as they take up space, don't spend much, and have a depressing air that makes other sad. It's an amusing story to which I can relate - my local is filled with people who seem to think the cafe is their personal office and sit there all day - but someone in my circle of friends has already posted this to his/her Facebook page as fact. And you know someone else won't get the joke and it'll take a page on to put the facts right again. (Although I really would like this George Foreman Grill with USB power. Throw in a USB powered kettle, and I'd never have to go downstairs to the kitchen again!) 

So have a great April 1st...and don't believe everything you read! 


Christine Tritz said...

Hi Susan,
We taught our sons that a joke is not funny unless everybody is laughing. Sarcasm is not funny, so I agree with all what you say. We also have no use for this kind of humor.

Lise M Andersen said...

Agree with Christine (and you)!

melian1 said...

i so totally agree with the april fool's thing. laughing at another's pain, humiliation, or trouble is simply appalling. causing that pain, humiliation or trouble so you can laugh at it is even worse.

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Christine, Lise & Melian! I'll be using this sentence with my kids in the youth groups. The new thing for the younger ones is to say things like, "You stink. Just kidding." So nice, eh?

But how can I stem the flood of the sarcastic kids on TV - everything is sarcastic and "sassy" now. Look at the Smurfs! Anything directed to kids has to have attitude now. I hate that!