Friday, April 20, 2012

Welcome Finland!

I noticed one of the blogs that has linked to my blog is Fashioned in Finland! I don't know much about Finland except these things...

Monty Python has a great song about your country
- I'm really enjoying Nightwish (although I prefer the first singer over the new one)
- you produce great hockey players,
- your language isn't like any of those in the other Scandinavian countries, and
- you have an epic poem that involves the sampo (which I know about from a song by Nightwish and the Mystery Science Theatre 3000 movie "The Day the Earth Froze").

Welcome to the blog! I'm so happy to have you here!

BTW: The picture above is from a comic called Scandinavia and the world. Finland is shown as the angry guy at the end with the knife. I'm still not sure why Finland is pictured this way, but your country is the awesomest! (And yes, that's now officially a word.) This is my favourite comic so far...perhaps because I can relate to it. Thanks to Sam Dunn and his fantastic documentary series, Metal Evolution, I learned about two genres of metal that had previously eluded me - power metal and symphonic metal. (I used to listen to Hellowe'en as a teenager, so I guess I knew a band from this genre, but I didn't know it had a name.) Blind Guardian is amazing - I realize they're German, not Finnish - and I'm getting into Hammerfall (from Sweden), which leads to me to the conclusion that Scandinavians seriously rock (Although I really can't get into the black metal stuff. I need great vocals, and the monster shouting doesn't do it for me. I guess I'm more a progressive/power metal kind of girl.)


Sciarretta Farms said...

Hehe, I am Norwegian but know lots of Finnish people. The stereotypical Finnish man is typically very quiet but smoldering underneath. He has a hard time expressing emotions (except for copious swearing) and often drinks A LOT to remedy this. Sometimes the passion goes overboard and the knife comes out.

Finnish guys are awesome!

Bunny said...

Well this was a surprise. I'm from Finland (unrelated to the blogger linked here), and have been devouring your blog and even purchased one of the ebooks through Lotioncrafter. I've become hugely excited about creating lotions, creams, room scents, etc. and have plenty of great ideas for them. I come here for the science of how to make my ideas work in real life.

I was just thinking this morning before starting to read the latest posts that "am I on the right track" and "is this really what I should be doing". I'm going to take the big, bold "Welcome Finland!" as a sign that I indeed am :-) Occasionally synchronicity has it's place in decisions making.

Thank you for having us and thank you for all the great information. It's been super helpful and inspiring.