Thursday, January 12, 2012

Comment moderation

I'm afraid that comments on all posts will have to undergo moderation until the spammer who is going through every post on my blog is finished. I promise the only comments to be deleted will be those spam comments. Sorry about this, but it has to be done until the spammer is finished bothering us or until Blogger's spam detection picks up on it!

It's over! We've had two spam free days, so I hope that purveyor of on-line medications leaves us alone! Back to unmoderated comments! 


Topcat said...

Ack ~ isn't that a pain for you! xx

Nancy Liedel said...

Spam is a terrible thing to do. Unless you're from Hawaii. I think the two weeks a year that they get really hot and miserable weather, in August, is the problem. Otherwise, Spam? I see an intervention coming on :)

No offence to our wonderful island state. Best business trip ever, was in Hawaii. I loved every second of it. Except for the day I got a dead jellyfish tentacle around my leg. A quick trip to the ER and I was back on the beach. If you have horrible allergies, but your epi pen between the girls and tape it down. I do it on every run, bike, ocean swim, etc. I have allergies to everything. Fun!!!!

Use Nitrole gloves everyone. I've had reactions from small company minerals that used powdered latex gloves. Cripes. :)

Pardon my strangeness. It's me, and above all that...I got zero sleep last night. My husband is now a snorlax. HELP!