Saturday, January 28, 2012

Are you a newbie who has made some lotion?

Are you a newbie who has been following Newbie Tuesday? Have you made your first lotion recently? Want to share your success or troubleshoot your failure? Then write to me ( or visit this post and comment and we'll get to it on Tuesday, January 31st! (I like the e-mailing 'cause I get to see pictures, but comments are good.)

As for this's Rated T for Teen video game club today, so I won't be writing anything new until tomorrow! We had a power outage all through town yesterday due to a fire at the power station - look in the centre of the photo, which was before the explosion - so I didn't get a chance to write anything yesterday. We'll be back to normal on Sunday (and I have the week off, so yay, more time to research and experiment!) 

Have a great Saturday!


Leman said...

Hi Susan,

I made the lotion with success! I am one happy bunny! I have just emailled you the photos and the process :-))

HB said...

I forgot to reweigh my water phase and added it to the oil phase. As the emulsion was magically happening, I remembered. So I put it all back on the scale and added water to make 100%. Good thing I'd written down the weight of the container earlier! And now I'm marching around the house with the bottle in hand saying, "I made lotion! I made lotion!" Thanks, Susan!

Beth said...

Hi Susan,

I made the lotion and the 'thicker cream' according to the formula. Both came out fine, however I'm not really happy with the feel of my lotion and cream. They both feel watery going on and then as I rub it in it has a moment where it is almost - how can I describe it - 'rubbery' feeling on my skin. Once its in its very smooth and luxurious feeling - but I just cant abide that 'rubbery' in between stage. I use e-wax though, seeing as I can't find polawax in South Africa. Do you have any advice or explanation for that strange feeling the cream/lotion has before being absorbed?
Kind regards!

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Beth. Can you share your ingredients and process? I really can't tell you what's going on unless I know what's going on! (I have a feeling the lotion has creamed or separated or done something that isn't good!)