Monday, August 15, 2011

A pep talk for a Monday morning

Why are you scared to make a lotion, a shampoo bar, a conditioner (and so on)? What's holding you back from getting into the workshop and trying something new? I know, there's the chance of wasting supplies, and wasting time, but those wastes will teach you something you can use for your next project, which will be more awesome than this one! (I admit I still have trouble throwing away products I don't like because I figure someone I know will like an extraordinarily greasy lotion or a very dry body butter, but in the end, no one likes them and I write it up as a learning experience!)

I know I'm part of the problem. Oftentimes, we're nervous about trying something new because we feel we don't have all the information, and I realize this blog is contributing to the sense that you can always learn more, but I think there's a point where we need to start experiencing the process, the ingredients, the end product for ourselves. We can talk about all the benefits of hazelnut oil until the cows come home - literally, we have cows in the field outside our house! - but if you don't like the skin feel, then it's pointless to invest in a bottle.

It's not easy diving into something new! I always joke around that although I want a challenge, I wanted one I knew I could do (thanks to the Simpsons, specifically Lisa, for that line!)

If you're feeling you need a little push, here are a few posts I've written on the topic of overcoming your fears - overcoming your fears and experimenting in the workshop - which might be helpful. Here's another post I wrote about keeping your notes in order, which is a vital part of this process. (I love bookbinding and I've been doing quite a bit of it lately as I try to organize my life!)

I would have liked to write a longer post this morning, but it's been 10 years today since my dad died, and we're off to scatter his ashes. Believe it or not, it'll be a good day of remembering my dad and spending time with my mom. The last time we did this in England, we had so many laughs! I'd test the wind to make sure it was blowing in the right direction, and almost every time it switched directions and hit my mom. He said he'd never leave her and I think he was right! 

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Anonymous said...

Hi Susan
Does it make a difference whether the liquid in pored into the fat or vice versa when making lotions or creams/
Thank you