Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sponsored by readers like you: Bath bombs, salts & fragrance sprays

Another late morning for Swift, so here's a post on what we've done in our craft groups lately! I'll be back with a post on ferulic acid tomorrow morning! 

I love teaching bath and body classes to youth. They have the fun and excitement of making something that smells and feels amazing and I can pass on a little information about my favourite subject (chemistry, in case you're new to the blog!)

We had two classes around Mother's Day - a candle making and card making class for the parent-child program in Yarrow, and our normal craft group in Yarrow. We made bath bombs, bath salts, and a water based fragrance spray suitable for the moms in our lives!

Bath salts are simple. Get some Epsom or fine sea salts. Weigh out 99 grams. Then add 1 gram of the fragrance or essential oil of your choice. Add a drop of colour - I said a drop for a good reason!!! - and mix well. Put into cellophane bag with a cute label, twist tie or ribbon to close, and you're done!

Fragrance sprays are also easy. Combine 1% to 3% polysorbate 20 with 1% to 3% fragrance oil of choice (use 1% or less if you're using an essential oil) in a small container. Pour it into a spray bottle. Add 0.5% to 1% preservative (depending upon the one you choose) to the bottle, then fill it with distilled water, cap the container, and shake well. Ensure the kids have time to come up with exciting names for their products. After all, having a signature fragrance spray is something normally reserved only for the most famous celebrities!

Bath bombs! If you want to learn more about this craft, please click here as I've written about them many many times before!

I really do encourage you to share your love of bath & body products with a tween or teen you know. It gives her a wonderful sense of pride to have made something so awesome, and it gives us a chance to share information about personal hygiene, self-esteem, why we shouldn't believe the hype about cosmetic products and more! And what's better than spending an afternoon with a young person who wants to learn more about what you love?

If you are planning to do something like this with some kids you like, make sure you have lots of cellophane bags handy for packaging and a lot of labels! I encourage the groups to go nuts making things that require low to no packaging like bath salts and bath bombs, and encourage them to make 1 of something (like the fragrance spray) that costs a lot of money. This would be a great project for a birthday or spa party.

As you know, our youth groups are funded by readers like you who donate by buying the e-books, Back to BasicsHair Care Products: Shampoos & Conditioners, and Lotionmaking 101. If you'd like to learn more about our groups and what we do, please click here.

These pictures are posted regularly so I can share the joy we feel teaching these groups to the youth with those of you who have donated to make them possible. I also want to share with you the idea of teaching youth in your community crafty fun or to introduce you to a new craft that might not have interested you previously!

If I haven't said it enough recently, thank you so much for all your support!

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