Saturday, May 14, 2011

Blogger was down...

...from Wednesday to Friday morning. Any comments you may have written during that time didn't really exist and so they won't show up anywhere! Trust me, I'm just as frustrated about this as you are, as I had no access to the blog for more than 48 hours! Please comment again - this blog is all about interaction, and it was awfully quiet this week!


Sanflora Natural Soap said...

Dear Susan,

I am a soapmaker from Romania and I produce soap using cold process method. I read your blog regularly and I admit I have never seen something similar on the internet. It's a great pleasure to read all your posts about cosmetics as I began to produce also anhydrous cosmetics and found a lot of good information here.
Now I have a question, although I know you don't make CP soap: do you know any scientific study regarding if the active substances in the oily extracts remain active after saponification. That is what active substance in the oils or oil extracts we saponify is to be found in the soap after the saponification is complete? I use a lot of infused oils (with for e.g. chamomille, marygold, linden etc) in my soaps.
Thank you in advance for any answer.

Sanflora Natural Soap said...

I read your post about Cetyl Alcohol.
Can we use it together with stearic acid (you suggested to use it interchangeably)? I tried a formula with an infused oil + stearic acid + cetyl alcohol and the result is amasing (for the skin), but I am not found of the consistency. At room temperature is like a milk butter recently taken from fridge. It's hard to spread!


ISzilvi said...

Hello Susan:)

I am a real beginner in the lotion and potion crafting "business". Lots of useful information here that is hard to find anywhere else. Although unfortunately here, in Indonesia, a lot of ingredients are not available for the hobby "chemist" (so I have to stick to the natural=minimally processed side of things) I still find immensely instructive your recipes. I can't thank you enough to take such a reasonable stand on preservatives and a lot of other ingredients that got such a bad press lately.
I wonder how those books (I myself own a few) with the natural-organic skin care theme going on can encourage people to make and use products (especially lotions and creams) with absolutely no preservatives. Most of them claim that essential oils and/or rosemary extract and Vitamin E will preserve the stuff (if not, just put it in the fridge, they say...)

Now, I really would not like to go out to the kitchen every single time I want to cleanse, moisturize etc. Even more than that I'd rather not see mold popping up in my jars, bottles etc.

Thanks for being an advocate for reasonable and responsible cosmetics manufacturing and of course, for the loads of info that keeps me reading in the middle of the night:))

Lots of appreciation:)