Friday, April 1, 2011

Where to get supplies in America?

There are so many great suppliers in the States, and as with the other "where can we get supplies" posts, I encourage you to add your favourites with your opinion of their selection or service. If you get specific ingredients from these retailers that are hard to find, please note that as well.

The Personal Formulator: You know I love this supplier! I get most of my more hard to get ingredients here like cetrimonium chloride, esters, polyquats, and water soluble extracts. Their shipping is great, and it's nice to be able to go back into my account and see what I ordered last time so I can restock!

Brambleberry/Otion: I love Anne-Marie, and I love her shop. I haven't ordered from Brambleberry as it's easier to go to the retail store and get supplies (I live about 45 minutes away, if you don't count the time at the border). I am in love with her fragrances. My favourites are Clementine Cupcake, Hello Sweet Thang, and Cream Cheese Frosting! (Check out her blog at the Soap Queen!)

The Herbarie: Angie's product selection and service are legendary, and this is a great place to get a ton of different emulsifiers, preservatives, and surfactants. I have an ongoing wish list at the Herbarie because there's so many awesome ingredients! I've purchased from her before, and my only complaint is the minimum order for Canadians ($100) and the handling charge ($25), which you can get around by having it shipped to the border if you live close enough (and 80% of us apparently do!). If you're American, though, I guess this isn't an issue.

Lotioncrafter: Jenny offers great ingredients, lots of cosmeceuticals, and an incredible amount of well researched information. Her resource centre is excellent, and you can generally get a data sheet on each ingredient with the listing on the site. I love Lotioncrafter!

Ingredients to Die For: I haven't ordered from this site, mainly because it ate my shopping cart after an hour of choosing things, but they have a ton of interesting preservatives, emulsifiers, and organic ingredients, as well as some interesting cosmeceuticals.

From Nature with Love: They run the Natural Beauty Blog, and carry some interesting ingredients. I've never ordered from them, but I have a wish list there.

Majestic Mountain Sage: I haven't ordered from them either, but they are well regarded and have a great blog, Adventures with the Sage. Their lip balm recipe is fantastic, and is a staple for most of us when we're making our first one.

Those are the ones I can comment about for now. As usual, post your favourite suppliers in the comments and let us know what you think. (And some of your links are ending up in spam, but I'm reinstating them when I see they aren't spam!)


sfs said...

Camden Grey has a great variety of carrier oils at the lowest prices I've seen. Shipping seems rather high to me but I'm a crybaby about such things.

The Personal Formulator has the best service!!

Meaue said...

Adding to your awesome list (my favorites, too) I do enjoy Wholesale Supplies Plus, mainly because they have free shipping, they have recently instituted a $30 minimum but you can get some great deals. Check out the "Surplus" from time to time. I've gotten 48 bottles for next to nothing! They have an great supply of specialty butters (which were reasonably priced until they instituted a new pricing structure - glad I got mine before it took place!). Their high lather M&P base is super luxurious. And their newsletter really keeps you informed of industry stuff like the price increases we will see in M&P bases due to the high prices of coconut and palm oils, and such. I have to say, all my favorites have something there that keeps me coming back!

FifiFormulator said...

I wish these companies would realize have high minimums will stop me from ordering~ I have since turned to Ebay and ordered from The chemistry Connection and a few others-they are just as good as the websites who have
the minimums and they LIKE customers.

Ingredientstodiefor has excellent customer service and they will help you with formulation~they ship immediately.

The company beginning with BR takes so long to ship that they have lost my business.

Lotioncrafter is top notch and Jenny is a genius. I have learned alot from her~wish she would get more supplies in~her pricing is good.

Meaue said...

In their defense, the company starting with BR got slammed after the holidays with orders (that should tell you something) and got a little behind. They kept customers informed on their website as to shipping dates. With my recent orders, I have found they are back to their regular schedule - I receive mine next day :)

Tara said...

I like, but mostly because of their website. I love how each of their ingredients is linked to a formula of how to use it. And they have a nice little resource base of articles and how-to's (sorry Susan, for the incorrect usage of the apostrophe, lol!).
I'm excited to start shopping at some of the other stores listed, especially where low shipping rates apply :)

Anonymous said...

I just found this place (have not ordered yet)that has a huge selection of all kinds of things I really like such as chemical product tester kits. safety first. =0>
snowdriftfarms {dot} com

Nancy said...

My favorite out of all in the States is Ingredients to Die For. Excellent customer service and fast shipping. I also love to buy from the Voyageur, the shipping keeps me from buying more from them.

Anonymous said...

I purchase from Texas Natural Supply most often.
The pros:
I have been very happy with the quality of the supplies that I have purchased. Shipping is really fast if you are in or near Texas. I've never had a damaged shipment from TNS, unlike my experience with FNWL. FNWL boxes always arrive oil stained with half-empty bottles inside :( Their telephone customer support is very responsive.
The cons:
There are a few glaring omissions in their inventory. For example they carry BTMS-25, but not BTMS-50, and tinosan is the only preservative that they carry. The website is uninformative and flat out inaccurate in a few places. Novice crafters should definitely cross reference all formulation guidelines on the site.

I've also ordered from MMS, FNWL, Lotioncrafter, The Personal Formulator and The Herbarie.

soapilyeverafter said...

I have a question for all of you lovely people, what supplier in the US have you found to have good quality AND the best prices, including shipping? I generally place smaller orders then get hit with a giant shipping fee. Or maybe there are coupon codes out there? I subscribe to most newsletters, but I don't see any free shipping deals. Maybe I am not looking hard enough!

Susan, I LOVE your blog, btw.

Shaloreial said...

Where do you get your bottles and storage containers? It seems those are so hard to find!

chowsr said...

I like They have a good selection, good prices, and the shipping even with duties isn't too bad. For certain types of packaging I like


BrittaandGeorge said...

Ok, so I am a bit late to this post, but thought I would add my two cents. is great for what they have and offer great shipping on bulk items. Wholesalesuppliesplus does have free shipping and reasonable pricing. Snowdriftfarms that someone mentioned has a great formularly and a nice variety of products. Bill there can be of immense help. FNWL offers many exotic items and I have not had problems with their shipping. The BR company while I love Anne-Marie has a harder time if you need larger quantites, and I agree that they often ship slow. I also like soaperschoice for the best prices on oils. Hope that helps.

Sweet Moxie said...

To anonymous re:
I am local to them and personally know the owners and am very pleased with the company and the products. The owner is very informative and knows her stuff.

I would like you to point out to me what is "uninformative and flat out inaccurate in a few places." The site has a plethora of information on their site, I could read for days.

Tinosan is the only preservative they sell because it is the only "natural" preservative available ...... hence the name Texas "Natural" Supply.
I give them two thumbs up b/c they are a one stop shop for herbs, oils, butters, bulk bases they manufacture on site, packaging and compounds galore.

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Sweet Moxie. I have no feelings for Texas Natural Supply - I've never used them, had never heard of them until this post - but they do carry a lot of ingredients that aren't natural (look under emulsifiers or conditioners and thickeners - very few of those should be considered natural). And I think it unfortunate that their preservative list is so small. If you can extend the word natural to BTMS or IPM (an ester), then why can't you extend it to an effective, broad spectrum preservative?

I can't speak for the accuracy or inaccuracy of their information - I'd like to hear more about that!

Sweet Moxie said...

Good questions. I'll email and ask her to explain a bit more. Maybe I can get her to post here too.

Anonymous said...

Jumping in late with my comment but its worth sharing. I buy from Lotioncrafter but find the shipping/handling charges very expensive. Makingcosmetics is very good and shipping is reasonable, no extra handling charges - bonus. Ingredients to die for I would stay away from, I ordered once recently and they took a month to ship my order and I am unsure of the quality of their ingredients, my husband and I have recently had respiratory problems since adding one of their ingredients to my product. I feel the money spent was wasted as now I have to throw it all away as I don't trust the quality. SCARY!

Tally Sampson said...

I used to order from lotioncrafters and you're right shipping and the min order bothers me i am a personal formulator and cant afford much. well one of the manufactuers half of these places purchase their ingredients from at bulk opened a division to serve us!!! i found them on a previous blog they have a team of chemists and sales person rather than 1 person they always offer free shipping and no min orders. i asked one of the people the other day if that will change and he said never. i transferred all my business to them their pricing and shipping is really low. i was looking for other oils and it wasnt listed on their webpage but they had it. you just have to email them. very responsive - just my opinion

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Just a quick note - it appears the minimum order for Lotioncrafter is $12.50. This is really low compared to some of the other suppliers I've seen - for instance, $100 if you're ordering from Canada. I've ordered from them and picked up at the border, and the shipping seemed really affordable. Having said that, I'm accustomed to having the shipping equal the order, so perhaps I'm used to much higher rates!

Anonymous said...

Great post and comments. I took all of the names above, added links to the stores, and created this list, in case it's useful:

Brambleberry Soap Making Supplies
Camden Grey
Chemistry Connection
Chemistry Store
Essential Depot
Formulator Sample Shop
From Nature with Love
Ingredients to Die For
Majestic Mountain Sage
Making Cosmetics
Personal Formulator
Soaper's Choice
Texas Natural Supply
Wholesale Supplies Plus

Aquarius Aroma & Soap
Creations from Eden
Saffire Blue
Suds & Scents
Voyageur Soap & Candle

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Wow, Terri! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is amazing! Thank you for the wealth of information and explanations that you provide. Along with this list of suppliers, do you have recommendations for suppliers/brands of essential oils?

It looks like most of these suppliers sell essential oils, but since all are not created equal when it comes to essential oils, do you have any recommendations?


Seeta Nyary said...

I am never sure if anyone checks out older posts on this site?

Since I think the topic of suppliers is critical, I will also add Skin Actives to the list in the US.

They do ship with Priority mail to Can at around $6 or 8 dollars. I live in Toronto and usually get my package within 2 weeks.

Pros - great forums and lots you can learn about ingredients to add in your own formulations. She links to a lot of the research which I like. You can also buy cosmeceuticals and other ingredients in smaller sizes to try them out for one or two (or more) formulations.

Not sure how the prices would work when you want to make more. One would have to speak with them on that topic.

As an example - I really like Vit C (stable forms like MAP). I make a Vit C cream with MAP and Rosehip Ext plus other Collagen goodies. I recently made myself a great eye/face with coffeeberry, caffeine and ingredients to synthesize collagen and hydraulic acid with aminio acids and peptides. I did my own base for acne-prone skin and added french cypress eo to aid with toning. I could never have afforded the "special" ingredients elsewhere and in the amounts to just try them out.


susan said...

i wonder why anyone put garden of wisdom here?

IEDarla said...

I have had Issues with Ingredients to Die For. They ask for Product Reviews, If they do not like the review they delete it. I mentioned this on their Fb Page. Taey delete that too. I purchased a product that was not as described. The PhytoCide they sell was described as odorless and colorless. It stunk to high heaven and is honey colored. We make our purchasing decision on these descriptions when we have never used them. I think it is important for someone to know, when their product is fragrance driven, that the preservative is going to make it a challenge to achieve the desired scent. I found their Customer Service something to be desired.

Paige B said...

I recently purchased from Mile High Soap ( as they had a great price on Polawax (am trying to find out if it is "real" Polawax, but so far it seems to work very well...I have nothing to compare it to as I've never had Polawax or E-wax before this), and plastic jars. I was quite happy...the order was processed quickly and arrived within a few days.

Anonymous said...

I just love Lotioncrafter. I get a lot of my staple items(stuff like e-wax, cetyl and cetearyl alcohols, Stearic acid, BTMS, preservatives, oils, Honeyquat, IPM, dimethicone,etc.) from them. They have some of the absolute best prices for these items, and their selection is great. If you're just getting started making lotions, this is a great supplier to start with. You can get everything you'll need here at a low price. They also have some harder to find ingredients like Cetrimonium Chloride, Phenyl Trimethicone, behenyl alcohol, and C14-16 alkyl benzoate. The quality and service at Lotioncrafter are always great, and they are known for getting packages shipped very fast.

I also highly recommend Voyageur Soap and Candle. Although this supplier is located in Canada, I still had to mention them, because I order from them even though I'm in the U.S. Shipping was actually quite a bit cheaper than I expected; I think I paid about $16-$17(U.S. dollars) for a six pound package(and I live in Arizona). They have a great selection of surfactants and oils/butters. Along with Lotioncrafter, their prices are some of the best across the board. In addition, they have a nice selection of powdered extracts, humectants, some mineral makeup ingredients, and a miscellany of well priced stuff -polyquat 7, a few proteins, fatty alcohols, Crothix, EZ-Pearl, SD Alcohol, Dry Flo TS(a hard to find ingredient!), etc. If you order from them, be sure to try a couple of their fragrance oils, they are great quality!

If you're interested in making hair products, especially styling products, I recommend you check out Making Cosmetics. Although their prices in general aren't as good as the previous two suppliers I have recommended, they have a plethora of hard to find I said, they have a lot of ingredients useful for making styling products: PVP, acrylates/methylacrylate copolymer, Amodimethicone, PEG-8 dimethicone(a water soluble silicone!) hydroxopropyl starch, and a lot of ingredients for hair products in general -behentrimonium chloride, jojoba protein, keratin, polyquat 10, polyquat 31, propyltrimonium, and more. They carry a lot of ingredients I have either never found elsewhere, or have only seen elsewhere at The Personal Formulator. Making Cosmetics generally has better prices on these specialty items than Personal Formulator. Making Cosmetics also carries cool stuff like instant cold emulsifiers, a lot of different esters, a variety of cosmeceuticals and extracts, and more. They also carry mineral makeup ingredients. Really, Making Cosmetics has a huge catalog. They have too many things to mention them all.

Bridget Clancy

Christa Marks said...

Has anyone purchased supplies from Liberty Natural Products, in Oregon City, Oregon?

They appear to have good prices but no one has listed them in this blog about suppliers.

Kelli Spears said...

Wow! I've been following Susan's blog for several years now and just now saw this post on where to get supplies.
I think I've ordered from about 80-90% of every one of the suppliers listed.
Like so many of the formulators who posted different suppliers, I do have my favorites. Lotioncrafter ships so fast and they are very friendly when you have a question or concern. I order a lot from there. Angie at The Herbarie is also wonderful. I've emailed her many times and always get an answer back very quickly. Their shipping is also very fast. Ingredients to Die For is yet another favorite. I haven't always had a perfect shopping experience with them and their shipping is like 4th fastest compared to other suppliers. There are numerous others that Terri included in her list ("Thanks Terri")
There are two that I can think of that are not listed at all although many of you may know of one of them at least. They are:
New Directions Aromatics which is actually located in Canada. They changed their minimum order at the beginning of the year I believe. Now it's $100.00 which sounds kind of high but considering how fast things add up to $100.00 no matter where you go now days it's really not that bad. They have a lot of stuff I really like and I've never had to wait very long to receive my orders.
The second place I like is
You have to put the dash in there or you will end up on a flower shop.Barb has a really nice selection at Organic-Creations and does add new stuff on a regular basis. They are in Oregon.
For bottles and supplies of that nature I like Wholesale Supplies Plus, MMS,, and

As far as shipping I don't think most places are that high. I once placed an order from Creations from Eden and was unaware how high shipping would be. She was nice enough to call me the next day and tell me and ask if I wanted to complete the purchase or not. Shipping was extremely high. (approx. $50.00) to the States. Unfortunately that was way too much for me which was disappointing since they had some great prices on stuff I use regularly. She wasn't upset at all when I said I would have to cancel the order.

I am really happy I found this post as I am always looking for somewhere new to buy from. A good formulator is never finished with new experiments. Even when you finally have a good number of products that you have perfected to your liking there is always something new to try or something new to learn to perfect existing products.
I just love formulating and I love Susan's blog!!!

Paige B said...

Susan et al,
I don't know if anyone has mentioned Bulk Actives before (, but it's a unique resource. John carries a LOT of cosmeceuticals that I've never seen anywhere else. He's located in Thailand, I think, and he ships all over the world. I've had some really great items from him. His customer service is really good too, even though it's only a part-time side business. A while back I ordered an active that came as a powder and specified that it was water soluble...I didn't realize it was BARELY water soluble (like 1%), so I left a negative review. I had tried everything, and really wanted the benefits of the additive, but it just clumped into a stick, gummy mass. John emailed me recently and said that he realized that a lot of botanicals were problematic and didn't dissolve well in the suggested solvents, so after reading my review, he started working with a manufacturer to develop a solution. It took a year, but he managed to help develop pre-dissolved botanicals, and he offered to send me a couple for free to try out! This isn't the first time either. Once, I had a powder packet burst on transit and he replaced it, no problem.

Susan, I think you will appreciate that he includes references to scientific studies etc. when he describes the attributes of an ingredient. I would encourage everyone to check his site out!

still learning said...

Hey Everyone

I just wanted to add another supplier, Mountain Rose Herbs. I love this company. There products are made with quality. They have things for crafters such as oils and extracts. This is my preferred place to get extracts and oils when possible.

Faith Frankenfield said...

I had been a loyal customer of ITDF since 2010 and I have been patient with them through many mishaps. I placed an order for essential oils based on their claim to have "therapeutic grade" essential oils. When I received the oil that I ordered I immediately got a headache when inhaling it and I asked for proof of there therapeutic grade claims. They said that it is too expensive to test oils and they could not show any lab tests that their essential oils were therapeutic grade and I had to just trust them. How can a company even know if their oils are therapeutic grade without testing? I decided I wouldn't order from them again. I was in a pinch when I was staying in Austin and needed to place a quick order of ingredients outside of essential oils to pick up. After a full week I still had not received a pick up confirmation and when I checked my account it said my order was cancelled. However my bank account showed that a charge was made to the account. I sent an email asking if there was a mistake made and they sent a response saying they cancelled my order because I didn't agree with their policies the last time I placed an order. Really? They aren't allowing me to order from them because I don't agree that they should make scientific claims without the evidence to back them up? And more importantly they didn't send me a refund or let me know that they were cancelling my order. I have never seen such unethical business practices like this before. It's unbelievable.

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Faith! Wow! I'm sorry you've had such trouble with Ingredients To Die For. Thank you so much for sharing your experience so others might use it to make purchase decisions.

I hate to break it to you, but there is no such thing as therapeutic grade essential oils. There's no certification process, and anyone selling essential oils can call them therapeutic if they wish, but there's no definition for it. See more here on this topic. Or here. Or here. (This last one is the most in depth and interesting one, in my opinion...)

O'Brenda said...

Hi, I want to give a shout out to Duda Diesel for supplying Lye NAOH - Sodium hydroxide and KOH - Potassium hydroxide at good prices and fast shipping. I also purchase my calcium carbonate there. They have other assorted items you might want to browse and compare with your present suppliers.

Susan said... is another good one that seems to get overlooked. I actually live near them. My favorite is Ingredients to Die For. (To all: Please don't let ONE person posting all over the net be the deciding factor as to whether to buy from a company or not. None of us would appreciate someone doing that to our business, especially when only one side is told...)

Leanne said...

I've ordered from New Directions Aromatics and the costs are low but shipping, well, it will cost considering you do have a $100 minimum fee and the weights add up. I've been VERY pleased with the essential oils, carriers, and butters that I've ordered. So far almost everything is lower priced there so it kind of makes up for the shipping. I've had no problems so I don't know how their customer service is.

I also can't push LotionCrafter and Wholesaleplus enough! WSP is the main place I've ordered small jars & pump bottles from. So far, LC and WSP have shipped pronto and it has taken less than 2 weeks to get orders and I live in the midwest.

Essential Depot is another fab site, in fact I ordered 1kg Argan oil for under $30! They have great deals on plastic jars of many sizes, too. My go-to for 4 & 8 oz jars for creams and body butters as well as dropper bottles and rollers.

I'm so glad this posting was done, I've now added more sites to my "arsenal" of suppy options! Thank you everyone and have a great day!

Charlette said...

Hi. I know I'm very late to this party--but wanted to add another supplier to the list. It happens to be a local company called Bulk Apothecary ( They have bulk oils (common and not so common), high quality essential oils--extensive list, fragrance oils--extensive list, and VERY reasonable prices on bottles/closures and jars. Excellent service. They don't have supplies like Lotioncrafters--but for what they DO have--prices are amazingly reasonable. Bought Argan and Grapeseed oils and large amount of Aloe Liquid 1X for excellent prices.

Monica said...

I haven't see this one as of yet, so I thought I would share: They have a large variety of oils in their products list. Their shipping costs are average, and they have no minimum purchase amounts that I'm aware of. I've never had any issues with any of the several orders I've placed with them.

I've also ordered from From Nature with Love, Making Cosmetics and Mountain Rose Herbs. All I've had positive shopping/shipping experiences with.

Thanks for this post! A lot of good information provided.