Thursday, March 24, 2011

Question: What do you want to see next?

I'm coming to the end of the cosmeceutical series in the next week or so and wondered what you'd like to see next. Do you want to see more formulating ideas on how to use them? Do you want to see more from the learning to formulate series so you can make your own lotions?

I've had a lot of questions about hair care products lately, and I wonder if you want to see more about that? I thought the hair care section of the blog was pretty extensive, but I'm happy to answer your questions and comments.

I am playing with a couple of new emulsifiers and will be writing about those shortly, but I wonder if you want to see more about the HLB system?

Don't be limited to the questions I've posed here! What's on your mind? What intrigues you? What questions do you have burning in your mind about processes, products, or ingredients? Post a comment here and I'll put it on my to do list!

And don't bother clicking on the doesn't give out coins or invincibility stars or suits that turn you into flying raccoons with fireballs. It doesn't even make noise!


Mimi&Max ,love,life and soap said...

I like to know a bit more about how to substitute BTMS-25 for BTMS-50 . How much to use and in which kind of product can i use it .

Mich said...

(It's on your "to do" list already!)
Also, firm-textured makeup like eye or lip liner and crayons.

As always, you are awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

In shower lotions. An anhydrous version as well.

Naomi said...

Facial serums to lighten and brighten skin, fade spots, especially acne scars (hyperpigmentation).

Nancy Liedel said...

Thank you for taking on stinky DMAE. I have to learn how to cover that smell. I would love to see more information on pH and it's larger role in cosmetics, as well as some of the more, "natural preservatives," that I cannot find tests to back up. Hence, no use. Oh and since you're a dog mom, you could do a piece on dog shampoo. That would tie in nicely with the pH. Human shampoo is tough on a dogs skin, but dog shampoos, at the right pH and with helpful things for dogs...with a timely reminder that kittehs and aromatherapy don't mix. Thanks Susan!!!!!!I'm trying to crack eye primer, but I'm so close, I think I can do it all on my own. Woohoo!!

Kathy said...

Susan - maybe a little more on men's products which you have touched on in the past. The men I deal with definitely like different textures, ingredients and scents. Also, you had an "attempt one" on eye cream, and maybe a little more on that topic. Thanks a bunch.

Pam said...

Hi Susan,

I would like to know how to take the ingredients from an Aubrey Organics label and turn it into a final product. My sister-in-law and two friends just won't even talk about anything other than Aubrey products. I am now obsessed with figuring this out (I actually took the time to see if I spelled it correctly. See! you are making a wide ranging impact). They have agreed to accepting the preservatives. The label tells us what's in the product, but not the proportions. Obviously that is proprietary information but I am sure there is some basic logic that could guide us not only to this mfg but any other.

I too would love a doggie shampoo recipe.

Ellbie said...

Since I am still just starting out with lotions, I like the formulating blogs. Also, a tips and techniques blog would be cool.

You are the guru!!


p said...

I second Naomi and Mich!

I'd also like to know more about research on the use of essential oils in skin care. I'm thinking of carrot seed for wrinkles, helichrysum for inflammation, rose geranium for sebum balancing, and lavender for a variety of things.

Anonymous said...

As someone who's new to this I'd love to see a series on a basic getting started kit. If you buy these X things (and maybe hints on where to buy) you can then make all these recipes.

Jen W said...

I would love to learn more about which actives work well together.

And also about penetration enhancers like dimethyl isosorbate, liposomes, and propylene glycol- how crucial are they in formulations and are they harmful in the long run.

Thanks you are such a wealth of knowledge!

Sharon said...

Would love to find out what works for dogs. I have looked but can't find a list of what's good and what's really bad. Would love to start a dog pampering business.

Tara said...

I second the mascara formulating blog, as well as some on using essential oils.

I would also be interested in more melt and pour formulations, such as using "goodies" in melt and pour (honeyquat, panthenol, hydrosols, proteins, etc, etc, etc). I know there are some really good bases out there that contain honey, goats' milk, shea and the like. I would like to make more of a "therapeutic" bar (not a claim, but a wish!) rather than the standard pretty mold/color/fragrance M&P projects. I am getting really sensitive skin on my hands, I am assuming from the over-use of fragrances, so I would like to make something soothing and anti-irritating :)

You're awesome Susan!

Heidi said...

I'd love to learn to make the following:

Facial Cleanser: Like purity from Philosophy

Under makeup primer: like spackle from Laura Geller or photo finish by Smashbox

Thank you, Susan

Bajan Lily said...

I'm also with Naomi but I'd also like more on the HLB; in terms of: is there a rule if thumb for the amount you should use ( like with Polowax or e-wax, 25%); or is it'suck it and see'? Should you start with 4%, 7%, 10%? how do you know? And is there such a thing as TOO MUCH emulsifier? How do you know?

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Anonymous! I've written a post about what ingredients you need to get started on lotion making. Find it here.

Hi Mimi&Max. In which products are you looking to make substitutions? Lotions or conditioners? I have some suggestions for substituting it in a conditioner in this post. You can't really substitute it in a lotion because BTMS-25 doesn't emulsify as well as BTMS-50 and you might end up with a non-emulsified mess.

Hi Anonymous. In shower lotions? Do you mean like a bar or scrub? I have many posts on emulsified scrubs, non-emulsified scrubs, scrub bars, body oils, and so on. I'm wondering which other products might interest you?

Hi Mich & Tara. I am still working on the mascara recipe, so look for it soonish (well, the next three months or so.)

Thanks for all the great suggestions. I've put them on my list of things to do when the stomach flu goes away (yep, third round started yesterday and I'm feeling so weak!) and I hope to get into the workshop Monday or Tuesday to do some experimenting.

I plan to research puppy products in the near future, although I know my dog already loves her detangler that smells like cupcakes (my leave in conditioner) and enjoys the puppy powder I made for her. (She feels so soft afterwards!)

And technically I'm her big sister, not her mom, as she was originally my dad's dog but took me on after he died. I'm an only child, so it's nice to have a sibling, even if it's one who steals my socks and chews them up!

Lori said...

"Hi Anonymous. In shower lotions? Do you mean like a bar or scrub? I have many posts on emulsified scrubs, non-emulsified scrubs, scrub bars, body oils, and so on. I'm wondering which other products might interest you?"

Love love love emulsified scrubs but I mean something like I know I have tons of scrub products in my shower already, it would be nice to have some without every now and then.
And if you could also do a bar version since I don't think it's been covered here. I have a working formula but I adore how you explain everything and it would be helpful to myself and others.

P.s sorry I fail @ logging in.

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Pam. I took a look at the Aubrey Organics moisturizers and they just annoyed me, so I don't think I'll be writing about them soon. I hate the "derived from..." line they include constantly and they aren't using a broad spectrum preservative of any type. I hate the fact they put "coconut fatty alcohol" after cetyl alcohol to make it seem more natural, and I hate the way they call the product "something oil" when there's very little in it (but that's not unusual in commercial products - add 1% so you can have it on the label). In short, just looking at the ingredient lists annoyed me so much, I can't imagine analyzing the products. (My husband would get irritated by all the yelling and screaming and pulling of hair, so I'll leave it for now!) How they dare to call themselves organic or natural is beyond me! (Sorry...I'll end the rant here...)

Hi Lori. The Oil of Olay is a gelled lotion using something like Structure XL and polysorbates as thickeners and emulsifiers. You can use any lotion in the shower - make something you like and use it that way - and you can certainly make something nicer than this one! I have nothing against mineral oil, but it seems like there aren't a ton of emollient ingredients in this product, and I'm sure you could make something that makes your skin feel awesome!

Lori said...

Thank you Susan :) I've never tried the olay in shower lotion, I just picked that as it was the prominent one while googling and had lots of adoring fans as well as an ingredient list.If we can use any lotion in the shower, what makes the one's targeted specifically for this use any more special? I'm getting ahead of myself, I'll wait for tomorrow's post. *Hugs*

Rivergirl said...

Would love to see a formula for Olay Regenerist?