Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cosmeceuticals: A few more ideas for facial products

I hope you've enjoyed this series on cosmeceuticals. I am planning more in the future, but I need to do some more experimenting and we know these ingredients aren't cheap! So here are a few ideas on other ways to use them in our products.

If you liked yesterday's toner, why not consider making a gel out of it? I did that very thing with Amaze XT in this post, and I'm still loving this product! This would work as an under eye cream, thanks to the slight cooling effect.

I've put together a list of the moisturizer recipes you can find on the blog in this post, and you can play with your cosmeceuticals in any of these recipes.

What about using our cosmeceuticals in a facial serum? Well, you really can't. Most of these ingredients are water soluble and most sera are oil soluble, so they aren't compatible. (If you're interested in making a facial serum, click here for an ester based one, or click here for the dry skin version, or click here for an oily skin serum.) Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!

Cosmeceuticals would be great inclusions in eye creams - click here to see my attempt at creating one (I liked it, but my mom thought it was too heavy) - and I'm thinking something like beta glucan or Pepha Tight might be nice to add.

Well, I need some workshop time. This stomach flu has kept me from playing with my products for quite a few weeks now and I need some experimenting time! Join me tomorrow for more on learning to formulate as we resume that series!


Pam said...

Hi Susan,

I actually bought the PephaTight from the Herbarie and awaiting its arrival. If I were to use the eye cream formula that you have linked it calls for an AHA ingredient. Can Pepha Tight and AHA be placed in the same batch given the pH issues?

I was reading about the pH for this product and was a little surprised that it had a pH value. I thought we only needed to be concerned with pH when dealing with surfactants.

Mirvat said...

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