Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cosmeceuticals: An aside on where to buy them?

I admit I'm having trouble researching these cosmeceuticals because some of the ingredients are brand names and I can't find data sheets for them. Or I can't find others at the various suppliers I check, so I can't get an idea of how much they cost, whether they're a liquid or powder, how much to use, and so on. I have a great list from you, my wonderful readers, in this post and I'm working from that (so if you want to see a cosmeceutical researched for this series, let me know) and I'm still waiting for my orders from a few places so I can formulate with these ingredients...so I'm asking you to give me some ideas of where I can find these ingredients. I know you know because you're using them in your products!

So if you have a cosmeceutical you'd like to know about, please write a comment in this post because that's where I'm looking for ideas for future posts. (It's not like I'll ignore comments in other posts, but when I get up in the morning and decide what to research, that's where I go first. I might not see your other comments.)

And if you have an idea for where I might buy a cosmeceutical, please post as a comment here. And please don't spam. I can tell the difference. If you write something like, "I enjoyed this post. For whiter teeth, visit smellypants.com," I consider that spam. If you write something like, "I found product x at this supplier - link - and the service was great," I don't consider it spam. (And if you're a regular contributor of comments, I won't question whether it's spam or not as you've gained my trust.) So please share where you have found your cosmeceuticals so I can do more research (and apparently rack the credit card up even further!)


Tara said...

I've purchased vitamin C (various forms) and vitamin A from makingcosmetics.com, niacinamide from lotioncrafters.com, and various "actives" from skinactives.com (including sea kelp bioferment, and something they call "Liquid Crystal").

mike mills said...

I use a lot of grape seed extract, MSM, taurine, etc...all and so much more is available at http://purebulk.com/...very reasonable prices. I've ordered from them for the past several years and have had no problems. Make sure that you view their entire product listing...you'll be impressed, I think. Mike in Corpus Christi

Matt said...

I second what Mike said. I have ordered numerous items from Pure Bulk and have never had a problem. Another cosmeceutical supplier I have ordered from, although kind of pricey is Garden of Wisdom it's the only place I was able to find idebenone and N-acetyl Glucosamine.

Jen W said...

I'm only new to DIY skin care but have purchased several ingredients from lotioncrafters.com (L-ascorbic acid, tetra C, SKB, lemon peel bioferment, xanthan gum) and Garden of Wisdom (specialty carrier oils like red raspberry and kukui).
I've heard lots of good things about skinactives.com and bulkactives.com too.