Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It's the year of the cupcake (for me, anyway)

I've really enjoyed my holiday time away from work, and I thought I'd post a few pictures of the (non-edible) cupcake-y goodness I've been working on with my sewing machine.

I generally hand sew all my projects - purses, shorts, skirts, coffee cozies, and so on - but I wanted to get my best friend's overnight bag done before Christmas, so I pulled out the machine and tried it out...and I'm quite liking it. I can't believe how fast it is to use a machine over hand sewing!

I'm in love with these cupcake pot holders. (click here to see the pattern I'm using - I bought mine at Hamel's Fabrics in Chilliwack, but you can get it from the designer, Susie C. Shore, along with a ton of other great cupcake designs like the iPod holder and the placemats, which will be my next project) I'm making them in anticipation of next Christmas or for random gifting throughout the year because I will get my crafting done before the mad rush of November. I've completed eight of them in four different tops, and I'm working on six more in black with pink polka dots.

But I'm in love with my shorts! They're flannel, very comfortable, and I'm wearing them right now! I made Raymond a pair of shorts in T-shirt fabric and what a pain that was on the sewing machine. (Again, I normally hand sew, and you can compensate for the stretch easily while doing that. On the machine, you have to be very careful! So I bought a walking foot to put on my machine!)

Next up? I'm making some cupcake pillow cases because I need new linens for our bed and I can't find anything I really like at the stores!

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