Sunday, January 16, 2011

Iron Chemist: Rice bran oil

Welcome to Workshop Stadium. This week the Chairman, Raymond (my lovely husband), has chosen the fourth Iron Chemist ingredient - rice bran oil!

Here are the rules. (Click here for the long version.) Raymond rolled a 3, which means he chose an ingredient from the third box in my workshop, the oil box. He chose rice bran oil. I have until next Saturday, January 22nd, to make two to three recipes using this ingredient.

So what's the deal with rice bran oil? (Click here for the much longer post on this oil!)

Rice bran oil contains an interesting balance of linoleic acid (about 36%) and oleic acid (about 42%), Vitamin E, Vitamin B, and squalene, which are all fantastic for our skin. In addition, it contains a phytosterol called y-orzanol that can behave as an anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and soother of wind chapped and sun burned skin. It can reduce itching, and helps moisturize and soften our skin.

I use rice bran a lot - I swear Raymond can read heat signatures on my bottles, because he keeps picking some of my favourite ingredients! - so it'll be a challenge to use it in in new products or combinations!


Lissa said...

I think RBO is so underrated. I love RBO. I try and use it in any leave in products. One of my favorite ways of using RBO is in a small spray bottle. I'll add a little IPM or cyclo or both and my favorite EO. Voila'! An excellent remedy for itchy skin...

Anonymous said...

Love LOVE love RBO!! Can't wait to see what you concoct :)

Topcat said...

Looking forward to this one - rbo is my favourite oil to add! Thanks for mixing it up like this with your Iron Chemist challenge Susan :)