Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Question: Why do people like grapeseed oil so much?

I'm just curious why people seem to like grapeseed oil so much. (I'm writing this post as I've been receiving a lot of e-mails from people wanting to make seeking all natural products and it seems like most of them want to use grapeseed oil!)

It has high levels of linoleic acid, but so do sunflower, soybean, and other oils. It has low levels of Vitamin E compared to just about every other oil, which is one of the reasons the shelf life is ridiculously low (3 to 6 months, but I've found it's more like 3 months). It's a dry feeling oil with some astringent qualities, so that might be part of the appeal, but so are hazelnut and macadamia nut (both of which are more expensive). Although you can find expeller pressed versions of the oil, which can get quite expensive, a lot of it is solvent extracted as this produces the most oil.

So I'm curious - why grapeseed oil? Why not soybean oil (although it is greasier feeling), which contains linoleic acid, tons of Vitamin E, a longer shelf life, and a cheaper price? What is it about grapeseed oil that makes it so appealing?


Topcat said...

I have a combination facial skin with oily t-zone and read on your helpful carrier oil profile pdf about its dry feeling and astringent properties, so I used it when formulating my very first facial lotion this year. I had just bought grapeseed oil from my supplier so I wanted to use it in something! I also used macadamia oil, jojoba and raspberry seed oil.

I have to say I really do love this lotion and it is showing no sign of rancidity as yet after 9 months. I definitely would not use it in a product I intended to sell but I do like it for myself.
I plan on re-making this lotion without the grapeseed oil and increasing the macadamia ~ I wonder if I will feel a difference? I love finding out :)


Nancy Liedel said...

I don't like it. Funny color that's tough to overcome and it's...well not my cuppa. I love hempseed, even though it goes bad so fast.

Dee said...

My guess is people associate the oil to the products it comes from.
Grape is sensual, taste Todd and is juicy.
On the others hand soy is usually associated with GMO.
The same way people like coconut oil because it sounds tropical but don't like castor oil because they either think about engine oil (even though it's castrol and not castor) or about a beaver.
I have heard so many crazy things...I should write a book... lol
Happy holidays everyone!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan,
I think its just the name that makes it sound good. Thats why grapeseed oil is popular, and castor oil is not. Simple.


Anonymous said...

Soybean oil is known around the internet as being comedogenic. I have absolutely no idea if that's true or not, but some people actually avoid oils with tons of vitamin E because oils rich in E are said to be pore-clogging. Like I said, I have NO idea if they actually are, this is just what I've heard time and time again.

Judy said...

I use it in a CP facial soap for the acne-prone teenagers in my life. There's also tea tree oil in it too so I can't say why this soap works but I know lost of kids that swear by it. I don't use it for anything else.

catherine said...

I decided to make a night moisturizer with grapeseed oil after reading about its wound healing/younger skin properties here:

It smells like Chinese takeout :) BUT it's worth it. I used 27% grapeseed oil but it still feels relatively dry and non-greasy.

Also, I know this is entirely anecdotal but I truly believe some mild scarring from old acne that I've had for years has kind of disappeared.

I attribute this entirely to the grapeseed oil because I've made basically the same lotion just without grapeseed oil for months now...and the scarring disappearing only happened with the grapeseed oil.

(Before making my own lotions I used relatively expensive lotions from or the ones recommended on They worked ok but not as well as when I started making my own lotions!)

This grapeseed oil lotion also has a laundry list of antioxidants/extracts...if anyone wants the recipe let me know. :)

Anonymous said...


I would love to see your Grape Seed Lotion recipe!