Thursday, December 9, 2010

Question: What do you love to use but don't like to make?

As much as I love lotions, I admit I find them a pain in the bum to make with all that heating and holding and waiting, and a part of me really wants to just throw away the good manufacturing processes and just make some lotion! I might only have an hour in the workshop in the morning, and I can only get one lotion done in the time it would take to make a few batches of lotion bars or whipped butters or lip balms!

But I shan't...not only do the processes ensure I'm making a safer lotion, but they ensure my great lotion remains emulsified! The process is worth it, but as an immediate gratification kind of girl, I can get a little annoyed standing in my workshop doing nothing when there are other products to be made!

What product do you love to use but dislike making? (And yes, I realize this is a picture of a conditioner bar melting in my double boiler, but I don't have any pictures of me making lotion!)


Amanda said...

Oh! I'm with you on the lotion! I hate cleanup from lotion making. Ugh.

Tara said...

Make that three of us. Especially in the past with my use of Optiphen, I wasted so much failed lotions, that I now dread making them. As well as I have been finding that I can't stand smelling BTMS (my favorite emulsifier). I'm having a hard time finding a fragrance that "goes" with BTMS, and I'm often stuck with a lotion that smells putrid or artificial :(

Will said...

I'm a soapmaker and I love using my homemade soaps (especially goat's milk), but I sometimes dislike making them. Cleaning up melted oils, blending oil mixtures until they trace, messing with lye solutions and the mixing containers, and cleaning up soap pots and molds afterward are all a bit much. Think several hours of effort, followed by a six week wait to use. The resulting product does make it all worthwhile, though. So lotionmaking and just about everything else on this blog are a piece o' cake with instant gratification. It's almost like getting something for nothing. Thanks for all your guidance and ideas.

Meaue said...

I'm with Will. I'll box up the beakers/utensils and let them sit for a week or two and then wash. Makes for easier clean-up (hardened soap vs. caustic glob, etc.) - plus I'm lazy! I'm with the instant gratification of recipes on this blog and can squeeze in a batch of lotion easier than a batch of soap :) And learning so much! I find the stuff I learn here also makes me a better cook.... it's all the same basics.

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

So I'm not only the one who hates clean up! I like to use a d-Limonene based cleaner (10% d-Limonene and 10% polysorbate 20 in a regular dishwashing liquid, or click here for some ideas) with my greasy stuff. I put it all into a tub in the sink, squirt it liberally with my d-Limonene/dishwashing liquid and let it sit. The grease just comes off the containers. It's really shockingly easy.

I've found vanilla based fragrances go well with BTMS, although I don't notice the smell!