Sunday, December 26, 2010

I love Christmas!

My love of chemistry was acknowledged by my friends and family this Christmas with this amazing test tube set and beaker from my best friend, and a fantastic pH meter from my mom and husband. I may have to break my ban on shopping on Boxing Day because I need some calibration fluid so I can use the darn thing (I could make some, but I'm scared I'll mess the machine up for good!).

My mom made me a lovely grey coloured blouse with pewter buttons, and my husband bought me many books and the game Crafting Mama for my DS. We did such a great job hiding my mom's presents around the house, we found five of them stashed away that we had to give her throughout the day! I gave Raymond an ice cream maker - ironic coming from the lactose tolerant girl, although he's been looking up soy and non-dairy based ice creams - and some clothes. (Damn, my husband's gorgeous!)

We had a great dinner - Raymond made turkey and stuffing and mashed potatoes and Brussell sprouts (ick!) and green beans and roastie potatoes and it was awesome, although we ate so much, we couldn't have our Christmas pudding! Next year - we eat early and less so I can have some pudding!

So how was your Christmas? Mine was awesome!


Anonymous said...


Ate too much as well and no room for cookies left. Books were always a favorite of mine to get as present. The pH meter looks very nice - reminds me I have to get one as well since I bought one for an aquarium which I don´t have(wanting to safe money and bought a cheapy pH-meter) hahaha.
Have fun with it.

Greetings to you

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing!
Sounds like a wonderful holiday and some fantastic gifts! Do share how you like that PH meter.
I received some gift cards to purchase more crafy items, jars, etc.

Glad you had a nice Holiday! We also ate too much and are shoveling today to work it off! :)

Many Blessings,

Anne-Marie said...

Oh how great! I love that your family went all intellectual on your gifts =) That's fantastic.

We're expecting our first baby in April so we got only gifts for our new addition (including a great Moses Basket for the baby) and we were thrilled to not get any gifts for ourselves =))) Really, family time is the most important so we definitely were rich in that aspect this holiday season. Happy Holidays!

Tara said...

What are you going to use your test tubes for Susan?

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

The test tubes are going to be for things like testing polar vs. non-polar fragrances, seeing how ingredients solubilize with other ones, and things of that nature. I figure they're good because they can stand up for long periods of time and I can see the precipitate. Plus they look awesome in my workshop! I used my beaker this morning while working on one of the Iron Chemist recipes and I felt like a proper chemist. Now I need my husband's lab coat and I'm set!

I'm going out this morning to get some calibration solution for my pH meter, so I'll write up a post about how to do that and how to test and all that kind of stuff when I'm feeling more confident about it. (I have to go to a hydroponic store. Thank goodness I live in the grow op belt of B.C.!)

Anonymous said...

Haha... I bought my digital scale from a weed shop. I felt bad because I had my toddler son in a stroller with me, and I could imagine what people on the street could have been thinking. I don't really have anything against weed. I just don't like it myself :-P

Topcat said...

I am so glad you had a wonderful Christmas day Susan. I would love to see a pic of you in your new blouse.

We also had a great time with family and I got mostly soaping supplies as gifts ~ yay! I already have a pH meter that I haven't yet used so I look forward to calibrating mine as soon as you teach me how :P

Tanya :)

Mychelle said...

I'm so glad you had a Merry Christmas! I got the best gift of all this year - a beautiful baby boy named Luke. He arrived 3 weeks early (Dec. 6, on his Daddy's birthday), but is the best present I got this year. He managed to bring together my family for the holiday (no easy feat)! There is a lot to be grateful for this year! And of course there was a ton of fudge and cookies to indulge in. I love holidays!

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Congratultions, Mychelle! A brand new baby in the house - how do you have time to look at the computer, let alone make things?

Hi Topcat - I thought my hair looked okay on Christmas day, but was actually quite greasy looking in ever picture, so I'll have to pose for that snapshot another day!

And congratulations, Anne-Marie! I've been following your pregnancy on your blog! Your family is so blessed.

I love having family around at Christmas, but we're just a small one - my husband, my mom, and I. My dad died 9 years ago, but his memory is still here in the form of the giant Toblerone we always put out for him and in the fact that he left a legacy of loving Christmas! The rest of my family is in England - everyone but my mom and a cousin in Oregon - so we don't get to see them much! But as a family counsellor I think we make our own families, and I have my bestest friend and her husband as my Canadian family!