Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Canadian supplier updates!

Voyageur Soap & Candle finally has emu oil! It's pricey, but I'm dying to try it!

Aquarius Aroma & Soap has the SCI granules (aka Jordapon prilled, which is SCI without stearic acid) in again, and they're on sale!

And Creations from Eden is stocking disodium EDTA and sodium stearate, which is vital for making deodorants (the sodium stearate, not the disodium EDTA)! She is carrying a ton of items from the Herbarie, like surfactants and emulsifiers, and some ingredients from TKB Trading, like the Pop micas, so her site is worth a look!

Note: I have not been paid or given any kind of incentive to share this information with you, my lovely readers. I just wanted to let you know what I've found for those of us who don't want to ship things across the border! Voyageur does, however, give me loads of free things for my youth groups and a 20% discount on everything I buy there for said groups, but they have not asked me to endorse their products in return. Aquarius gives me 10% off for products for my groups, but again, they haven't asked me to do anything in return. 

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Anonymous said...

Aquarius has had emu oil for awhile now too (in case you missed it there). It is great. I love it in salves & facial moisturizers.