Friday, December 10, 2010

Aesthetics of our products: Label making - an example

So here's an example of a label I use on my foot scrub bars. I package these in cellophane bags and close it with the label.

I like to include three major pieces of information - the name of the product and fragrance, instructions for use (if it isn't obvious), and a simplified ingredient list. (If you're selling your products, the simplified list isn't an option - please check your local authorities for their requirements.)

I try to use a really legible font for the instructions and ingredient list - in this case, I'm using American Typewriter in 8 point - with a cute font for the name. I generally make the background a little more opaque - I turn the opacity on the picture to 50% to 70%, depending upon the colour scheme - and I tend to make the background for the instructions and ingredient list white so it's easy to read.

Why the instructions? Sometimes it isn't obvious what to do with a product - I've seen the foot scrub bar and my sugar scrub used as facial products, despite the description of what it is and the instructions - so I find it best to include some guidelines on usage, especially for something like a foot scrub bar where someone could use it in the shower and slip! I like to write a little story in this section, something to whet the user's interest, and I tend to use a ton of adjectives (which might be a little cheesy, but anyone who knows me knows I love cheesiness!).

Here's an example of my Manly Man Body Wash label. I put the ingredients on a little label I put on the back of the bottle so as to preserve the minimalist nature of the presentation. I figure men aren't into hearts and flowers so much, and I needed a label that shouted "I am body wash! Use me and smell manly!" I think this might be my favourite label.

I do have a girls' version of the Super Girl Action Wash with the warning that it "should only be used by girls who want to be super heroes when they grow up!" because I figure we all secretly long for an invisible airplane and lasso or a stake like Mr. Pointy and the ability to take on six ninjas in a fight without breaking a nail.

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Petra said...

Swift, your super hero label ideas are AWESOME!!!! One could build a whole line around that theme. Too bad you thought of it first!

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Petra. I'm surrounded by geeks - I use that term in a loving way because, believe me, I consider myself a queen of the geeks! - so the super hero thing came naturally. I've used Godzilla, Doctor Who, pirate, and ninja references on my products as well. I don't think zombies and personal care products really mix, so I've left that reference out for now...

Marnie said...

Now that is hilarious! We say "manly man" all the time in our house. My husband would approve ;0)

Anne-Marie said...

The superhero labels are great! Love them! =) And the thought you put into the labeling is great.

Anya said...

LOL at the Manly Man idea...Brilliant!