Thursday, December 2, 2010

23 days until Christmas!

Today kicks off my family's official holiday celebration schedule. We don't start the Christmas season until December 2nd, the day after my mom's birthday. As a just-about Christmas baby myself (December 21st), I'm very aware of the annoyance of having one's birthday get lost in the Christmas chaos. So in our family, we don't start carolling, wassailing (whatever that is), decorating, or adorning ourselves in Christmas cheer until the 2nd so my mom's birthday is celebrated properly! (Although part of me thinks this might be a ploy by my husband and mom to keep me from singing carols in October! Did I mention how much I love Christmas?)

Because it's such a busy time for me with all the groups and classes and trying to find time to make presents myself, this post kicks off a series of tutorials and recipes you might have missed and ones I love to give as presents. I'll be interspersing these posts with things that come up in your questions or comments, or things that I think about while formulating in the workshop.

Join me in a few minutes for a few recipe ideas for products you might like to give to kids!

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