Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Update on youth groups, e-books, and everything else!

Thanks to everyone who has been voting in the Aviva competition - 2 days left, so if you have votes left, please use them - and buying the e-books, Back to Basics and the Hair Care Products: Shampoos & Conditioners! You have no idea what your contributions mean to our groups! Your donations make it possible to buy supplies, equipment, treats, veggies, board and video games, and everything else to make our programs successful!

We had four programs last week - chocolate making at the alternate school, chocolate making at our Chilliwack group, Rockin' out with the girls (where we tried out Rock Band 3 - it's awesome!), and the Hallowe'en party. I only have one group this week - melt & pour soap in Chilliwack - and one next week - mineral make-up in Yarrow - thanks to our holiday on the 11th. (It's going to feel pretty strange not running around like a monkey all week!)

Here are a few pictures from our chocolate making class. We decided to make some cute packaging to go with the lollipops, tiger butter, and bark!

To make your own tiger butter...
Melt some white chocolate. Add some peanut butter - use as little or as much as you like (we tend to use 1 tsp per 50 grams) - and mix. Pour into container. Let harden in the fridge. Eat and rejoice.

To make your own candy corn bark (or any other bark)...
Melt some white chocolate. Add some nuts, candy corn, candy canes, Valentine hearts, and so on. Mix, then pour into mold. Let harden in fridge. Eat and rejoice!

To make white chocolate covered pretzels...
Melt some white chocolate. Put some pretzels into the container with the melted chocolate. With a slotted spoon or really big fork, remove the pretzels and put them on waxed paper, then into the fridge to set. Remove when hardened. Eat. (They are addictive, beware!)

To make Hayden's concrete in a cup - don't. (Okay, if you really want to do it - melt white chocolate, add some black powdered colouring, put a stick in the cup and leave it there.)

Thanks to my amazing readers for helping make these programs possible. (I feel like I should caption these pictures with "Sponsored by viewers like you..." or something, because it's true!)

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