Monday, November 22, 2010

Men's products: Pre-shave formula idea from Dave!

Dave has been sending me great ideas for men's products, and here's one he suggests!

75.6% grapeseed oil
2% jojoba oil
15% capric/caprylic triglycerides or fractionated coconut oil
4% C12-15 alkyl benzoate
1% cyclomethicone
1% fragrance
0.1% grapefruit essential oil
1.3% clove bud essential oil

You don't need to heat this or use preservatives as it's an anhydrous mixture. Just pour it all into the bottle of your choice and you're done!

I'd include up to 1% Vitamin E in this recipe as the grapeseed oil has a really short shelf life! (Although part of me wonders if you want clove bud essential oil on your face? I've been using it in a pain relief balm at 0.5% and it really stays on your hands!) Feel free to change the essential oils for a fragrance of your choice, or just leave it unscented.

Instructions for use...
  1. First wet face and beard with warm water. This saturates the skin and opens pores allowing the oil to begin good absorption. 
  2. Then rub in oil until it's completely absorbed. 
  3. Last use a hot towel or steam and hydrate skin until it is supple and pliable. 
  4. Lather up and shave as usual. 
So there you go! I think this would work well as a women's product, although I'm a little leery about including that much clove bud oil!

Join me tomorrow for body sprays!


Jonathan Bowman said...

This sounds like it might be nice as an after-shave oil, too. Or will it be too tacky? Might have to try...

Thanks for all your knowledge and character,

stella said...

Could I substitute fractionated coconut oil for grapeseed oil and increase the shelf life of the product?