Sunday, November 14, 2010

A hearty welcome to the men!

I've noticed quite a few men are frequenting the site, writing comments or sending me e-mails. And to you, I issue a hearty welcome! (And apparently I think a picture of my husband wearing a Viking helmet will manly up the place...)

I've noticed quite a few boys joining my craft group for projects other than chocolate making (they tend to come in droves when there might be sugar about), and this makes me very happy indeed!

Cooking, baking, sewing, dancing, and singing are perceived as being for the girls until you get paid for it, then you're a chef, fashion designer, or rock star and it's very manly and there's generally lots of swearing involved. (Although you haven't been in my workshop on a Monday morning when my back is hurting and I have to pull out the box of waxes and solid things! So many swears!)

So I welcome you, gentlemen, to the amazing world of cosmetic chemistry, a world where science and art meet to create amazing lotions, potions, and lathery concoctions! I will warn you as I do everyone else - this is an addictive hobby!

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daniel said...

That's me! Thanks! How o how did the caveman survive w/o moisturizer???? Well, I'm glad they did, cuz you wouldn't be here to share how to DIY it. I couldn't survive w/o it!