Saturday, November 13, 2010

Christmas in Swift's workshop!

All this reading about things that might irritate, hurt, maim, or kill you, I'm feeling like I need a break from the maligned ingredients series. I need something wonderfully uplifting, so for me that means Christmas! And I realize this is early, but nothing annoys me more than to see holiday related tutorials showing up a few days before or even the day of said holiday! I need time to get supplies and motivation! 

I'm a Christmas baby (my birthday's December 21st) and nothing gets me happier than the sight of a glass of egg nog and some Christmas pudding with custard. (I'm lactose intolerant, so drinking egg nog is right out, even with Ultra Lactaid. And don't suggest soy nog - it's an abomination! I'll just enjoy my egg nog tea for now!)

And I love making Christmas presents of all kinds, but I'll focus on my Christmas toiletries!

So what am I making this year? Here are a few of my favourite bar recipes...

Black cocoa butter scrub bars! I am in love with this stuff. The bars melt more quickly than those made with regular cocoa butter, but they look like giant chocolates. I'm melting a little regular cocoa butter over top as a drizzle, and I'm packaging them in cellophane bags with a label stating DO NOT EAT!

I'm also making shaving bars for both my male and female friends. I love these things!

Foot scrub bars with some nice minty foot salts and a lotion bar for an adorable foot care kit!

I love bars because we don't have to worry about packaging all that much. We can use cellophane bags and cute twist ties or ribbon with a nice label and we're done! Here are some ideas for non-container packaging.

I like to use Chinese take out boxes a lot. My husband asked me why women seem to like these boxes - they're cute is really the only answer I can give! 

Here's a post from last year on Christmas presents you might like to make. I love the sushi candles, and don't forget how lovely a heated flax bag can be (and how easy to make) when coupled with a few other bath & body products! And here are a few ideas for Christmas jewellery and beaded snowflakes.

42 days until Christmas!

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