Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Second e-book to raise money for my groups - Hair Care Products: Shampoos & Conditioners

Thank you to everyone who bought the e-book, Back to Basics, to help me raise money for my youth groups! I hope you're enjoying the book, and I'd love to hear your suggestions for future books, including ways I could improve the e-books (like making them a smaller file size - which I've done with the new one, more pictures, fewer pictures, different sections, and so on!)

In response to your e-mails and comments, I present to you the second of the e-books I'm putting together entitled Hair Care Products: Shampoos & Conditioners. This one's even longer - 194 pages (56,305 words!) and contains more recipes for shampoo and conditioners than I can count! I've included all the information from the blog about the chemistry of our hair, surfactants, cationic ingredients, and every other ingredient you'll find in our hair care products.

I wasn't, however, able to include the surfactant chart in the e-book as it was being really annoying about the formatting, so here's the link to that free download. 

If you want to take a peek at the Table of Contents, click on the link!

I'm asking for a $25 donation for the e-book. Every penny of your donation goes to the Rated T for Teen youth groups we run at the Neighbourhood Learning Centre in Chilliwack. (For more information on our groups, click here.)

If you click on this link to my new website, you'll see all the e-books there! The new system we have on the new website means you will get the e-book sent to you right away and you'll be able to download it from that link if you lose it, your computer crashes, or you accidentally delete it. Pretty awesome, eh???

Thanks so much for supporting our youth groups. Your donations helped us purchase chocolate making supplies for the alternative education centre craft group, a few replacement chocolate moulds that were broken in the process of removing said chocolates, and some scrapbooking paper so we could make some adorable packages suitable for gift giving. And your donations helped us buy Rock Band 3 and the keyboard for the Rockin' Out with the Girls for Friday and the Rated T for Teen video game group and Hallowe'en party on Saturday. Your donations will buy yet more chocolate for the Chilliwack group on Thursday night!

In short, your donations made our groups even more awesome than they were before, and I cannot thank you enough! Have I mentioned I love the readers of this blog?


Meaue said...

I would love a simple e-book on the extracts posts....(to me, not every one has to be huge and complex, just having the info all together is helpful) that was very interesting. Seems like a simple way to make good money for your group - the demand is out here!

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Meaue. I like the idea of shorter, simpler books, but I plan to continue with the free downloadable PDFs as well.

I have written two short PDFs on extracts - rosemary extract and green tea extract - and I do plan to put together a PDF on the rest of the extracts as well as the preservatives.

I just need to find some time. November's my busiest time for craft groups (I'm booked all but one Saturday) and for making my own products!

Cyndy said...

Balms...lots of balms!!!! Information on ingredients that go into balms. Did I mention BALMS?! Love your e-book series Susan!

Nell said...


I am very interested in purchasing this book. I do have one question, are the recipes with the ingredients that are no longer available updated to ones that are available for purchase? For example, Bioterge 804 is longer available, would you suggest a replacement for it? I know this would be added daily work, but I was just curious.


Modnmod said...

Hi Susan, am interested in buying your e-book however Egypt isn't included in your list :'( . Furthermore , Paypal isn't available in Egypt, so how could I get your e-book?
Thanx :)

coralee said...

So very greatful for all your shared info! Can't wait to get your book!

Suntop said...


I would like to get your book!
Donation has been paid.


Dyana said...

Was wondering, does the book include places to buy the ingredients?

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Dyana. No, it doesn't. But if you look to the right hand side of the blog, you'll see that under the Frequently Asked Questions section, there's a list called shopping for supplies near the bottom that has listings for various suppliers around the world. (If you have a suggestion for a supplier, write to me and I can include it!) And you can always ask me if I know of a supplier and I can try to direct you if you don't see anyone near you on that list!

Dyana said...

Oh! Thanks so much for the info!!!

tamwalker said...

Hi - I've just made the donation without even looking at the contents!! Sure I am going to like it - and anyway, I am pleased the donation goes to youth programmes. do i get the ebook after I've made the paypal transaction though? Thanks,


Sciarretta Farms said...

Hi Susan!

I want to know the same as Nell above, have the recipes with outdated ingredients been updated?

I really want this book, but if I can't make anything in it, I would be really bummed. :)

Love your books and your blog!

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

HI Sciaretta Farms. I haven't got plans to update this in the very near future because none of the ingredients are outdated. Some places might not carry said ingredient - for instance, Voyageur doesn't have Incroquat CR any more - but you can find those ingredients elsewhere hope is that you can figure out what those ingredients do and substitute those you have in the house because, let's be honest, no one is going to have every single ingredient I suggest in their workshop!

For instance, when you get to the shampoo recipes - take a look at the hair care section of the blog - you'll want to modify the surfactants to something that suits your hair type. So let's say I have Bioterge 804 in there as a suggestion and my local supplier has stopped carrying it, you should be able to figure out what you could use in its place. If you had oily hair, you could use DLS mild or C14-16 olefin sulfonate. If you had dry hair, you could use one of the milder sulfates or lower percentages.

Sciarretta Farms said...

Sorry, didn't see your answer until now... Thank you!

Katie Wilcox said...

I have been making my own liquid Castile Soap for some time, but I can't seem to figure out how to make a nice natural shampoo from my liquid Castile Soap for oily hair. I only use natural products and I am wondering does your book provide an answer on making shampoo from natural products? I make my make my own alcohol and have read the process of to convert the alcohols to fatty alcohols.
Thank you for your time,

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Katie. No, I don't offer information on how to make shampoo from liquid soap as the pH of liquid soap doesn't play nice with hair. Liquid soap is alkaline - pH over 8 - and we want our hair care products to have a pH of 6 or lower. Check out the hair care section of the blog, specifically the post on why CP soap doesn't work as a shampoo.

I would love to see how one would convert an alcohol - I'm guessing a grain alcohol - into a fatty alcohol as I can't even start to imagine how that could be done! Please share!

kelllllllllli said...

Hello there!
I came upon your amazing blog only a few days ago and just ordered this e-book <3 I plan to study it front to back as I am taking on a new personal project and I cannot THANK YOU enough!

Anonymous said...

Hello ! I am working on making my own natural shampoo and was wondering if this book would help me even if its not a natural shampoo making book. Thank you !

Maureen Oliver said...

Maureen Smith said Hi Susan, we met at the conference and I was so happy to meet such a passionate person. Thanks for giving us so much hands on information on hair care. Are the diferent molecular weight proteins covered in your e-book. I would love to learn more?
PS: You did a terrific job considering the chemistry part is a challenge, thanks again!

S4r4h-B said...

Hi, I donated and still haven't received my e-book. How long does it usually take to be emailed to me? Sarah Blundell

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Sarah! I have to send the ebook out by email, which means I have to be awake and near a wifi spot. I slept in this morning because it is my birthday, but I've just sent it now. Look inyour inbox!

robdmccart said...

Hi Susan,

Thank you for all the wonderful information (and chemistry lessons)! I am brand new to making personal products, but I am an avid DIY'er. I was excited to see the offer for your book via a donation (which I did a few days ago)and am anxiously awaiting receipt of it. I have a question about using alcohol in deodorants, what kind of alcohol? I've scoured the blog but don't see a specific type listed...

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Robert! I sent your facial products ebook to you shortly after your donation on Tuesday. If you don't have it, please check your spam or trash folders as it was sent out. If you don't have it, please email me and I can send it again.

Can you post your question about deodorants in an applicable post? If I answer it here, no one will ever see it and it won't be very useful?

Christina Griffin said...

Hi Susan,

I just made the donation for your Hair Care Products ebook. I've been reading your blog for a while and it's just amazing! Thank you for the time you invest and the knowledge you share.

Best wishes,
Christina Griffin

hanh do hong said...

hi Susan!
I loved your book, and I sent the money for you, check for me please, thank so much!

DeeDee said...

Hi Susan, I would love to get your e-book! Just wondering though, I am trying to use natural ingredients or ingredients Ecocert approved where possible. For example, I have Plantapon SF and SLSa (not sure about this one but 99% of the info out there says it's safe) but I would only use natural ingredients as emollients, humectants, etc. I realize that you may not actually cater to this method but do you think if we are knowledgeable in ithe natural ingredients to use in place of other more typical ingredients that your book could still guide us with percentages, blends for certain hair type, etc?

Thank you!

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Dani! If you get the concepts of the products - for instance, how to make a shampoo - then learn about the surfactants, humectants, and such, then you should have no problem substituting something you'd prefer to use in its place. For instance, let's say I'm using glycerin (although I'm not sure how this isn't considered natural as it's in our body and as the backbone of every triglyceride we use) at 3%, you could substitute a multitude of different humectants in its place, like sorbitol, sodium lactate (found in our skin), or Zemea or another humectant in its place. When you get why you're using something, it's super easy to start replacing things!

Check out the hair care section and take a look at the posts on how to build a shampoo to see how I break things down into base recipes that you can follow with all kinds of ingredients!

divyad said...

Hi Susan i have donated. When can i expect the e-book?

Ирэна Друзенко said...

Hi there) I did make donation) when to expect the book?
Thank you

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

I sent it to you two minutes after you donated. Please check your inbox for it. If it isn't there, please check your spam folder. Thank you for your donation!

Moxie said...

Hi Susan,

I have been slowly chewing through your blog. OMG I'm loving it!

I see on the sidebar that you say this ebook includes the chart of surfactants, but this post says that it doesn't include the chart. Is there a separate file for surfactants? I'm curious, or unsure whether I need to get the back to basics book before I'd be able to follow the haircare book?

Thank you for your time.