Friday, September 3, 2010

We're home!

What an amazing trip! Thanks for all the suggestions!

Powell's is always a stop on any trip to Oregon - I spent $132 on books, and that's only because I stopped myself! - and it is what I think heaven will be like, only you don't have to pay for the books and dogs are allowed. We enjoyed a morning at the Tillamook cheese factory, which was incredibly interesting despite the guide's inability to answer any of my questions (she answered questions she thought I was asking instead of listening to me), and we did some shopping in Portland and Vancouver.

Have I mentioned that Tillamook is a nightmare for the lactose intolerant? I did manage to get a really nice wildberry sorbet, but the ice cream tried to lure me in, getting me to forget the pain and misery it would cause. And no, I can't take even Ultra Lactaid and enjoy ice cream! I can, however, enjoy cheese because 98% of the lactose sugars are removed from it! 

We stayed at Cape Lookout, about 10 miles west of Tillamook, and it was amazing! We were in Loop D - the best loop, in my opinion, as it was well sheltered from the weather- and we were about a three minute walk to the beach. You could hear the ocean roaring all night long, and we spent Monday and Tuesday morning walking along the beach with lovely cups of tea. My Blondie dog would have loved all that wonderful sand to run about on and dig into, but she would have barked all night long, so she stayed home.

Lamentably, our trip was cut short as the Camping Gods did not favour us this trip. We left on Sunday and arrived around 9:45 pm to rain, although it wasn't cold. We woke on Monday to beautiful sunshine, but Tuesday brought rains so heavy it flooded out our tent and we had to leave for Portland a day early. 

We spent Tuesday morning at the Tillamook Cheese Factory, then we did some sight seeing at Cape Meare (the Octopus Tree was awesome - see below -  and the lighthouse was very pretty), then we visited the various seaside towns on a quest for some fish & chips (and didn't find any - what's up with that?)

When we returned to the site, it was flooded out with water soaking Raymond's side of the tent and water seeping into mine. A little rain I can handle - I'm from B.C. after all - but wet sleeping bags and sheets really don't make a fun trip! They refunded our money, which shocked me, and we went off to Portland.

As I mentioned, we visited a few shops, including the amazing Powell's book store - I don't have any pictures as I was too busy jumping up and down and squeeing "Books! Books! Books!" - and ended our day with a trip to Voodoo Doughnuts! Yes, that's a bacon topped maple doughnut, and it was tasty. The orange one is a mango filled with Tang topping, and that was really tasty!

Just for a laugh, I asked at Fuddrucker's if they had gravy for my fries. They didn't, but the manager wasn't as offended as the woman in Montana - he just laughed and figured we were Canadian!

What a great trip despite the rain and soaking! Look at the Octopus Tree from Cape Meare! Amazing!

We came home with a lot of cheese - smoked Brie from the Blue Heron Cheese place in Tillamook, smoked cheddar and garlic cheese from the Tillamook Cheese Factory - far too many books (although I really don't think there's such a thing), a few video games and a new Dreamcast, some lime green dice for our weekly Dungeons & Dragons game and a dice tower, and some interesting stories. We did go to one of the two bead stores that bill themselves as the largest in Oregon, but since I'm on a quest for resin casting and wire trapping supplies, I didn't buy much. (I admit, once you've been to Rings & Things in Spokane, every other store seems big but not huge!) We didn't do much wandering around downtown Portland as I was pretty tired from the driving on Sunday, more driving on Tuesday, and the frenzied leaving of the campsite on Tuesday.

We are planning a trip for the area next year because we missed so much and didn't get to see a sunset. So I guess we're going to Idaho again in late June and back to this area the same time next year. I thought it funny that everyone we encountered said things like, "It was beautiful last week," or "I don't know where the rain came from!" to make us feel better. (We found the reverse in Idaho. People enjoyed telling us they had snow only a few weeks before!)


Bella Bath and Body said...

Sounds like a good trip, despite the rain! hehe

I'm jealous of your Powell's shopping spree.. lol I love it there! I agree with you on your idea of heaven there ;)

Mychelle said...

What an amazing adventure! The Oregon coast is spectacular - my family originally hails from Tillamook. I'm surprised your campsite refunded your money. That was very nice of them! I wonder how they make any money if they give refunds for weather in Oregon? =) What a splendid adventure. I'm so glad you had a good time!